Arena of Kings Tier List [February 2022]

Although the game only officially launched in mid-December 2021, players have already been putting a lot of hours into Arena of Kings, and now we finally have some statistics to back up an official Arena of Kings Tier List to provide you with the best classes in the game.

I think it’s fair to say that Arena of Kings has been one of the most balanced PvP games released in recent time. Considering just how many variables and different aspects the developers have had to take into account for the class balance.

I’ve been playing this game since late December, and in that time I’ve managed to hit 2200 in their casual game MMR system, so this tier list is mainly gonna be a reflection of that.

We’re arranging classes in tiers S, A, B, and C.

Patch: v1.1.2.0 v1.3.1.0 v1.4.0.0

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Factors Used

  • Raw damage/healing output
  • Build options
  • Item scaling
  • Amount of possible team compositions
  • Crowd Control
  • Utility
  • Survivability
  • Ranked leaderboards


S Tier Arena of Kings


A versatile healer with dispels, shields and interrupts. This makes it a powerful class in the hands of a good player who knows how to utilize the full kit of the Mystic. The Mystic survives well on its own, and is less dependent on the help of their teammates than most other healers, except maybe Elder.

v1.3.1.0 Update: Moved Mystic from A to S tier. Currently the best all-round healer class in the game.

A Tier Arena of Kings


With the recent patch changes, we’re finally starting to see more of the Assassin in higher MMR games. He brings alot of CC and setup potential to a team, and survives great on his own.

A great addition to almost any team composition with a ranged DPS and a healer.

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DPS Nihilist

Defined by the use of Dark Inoculation (Shadow Form), the DPS Nihilist is another good ranged DPS that pairs well with many other classes due to the sheer pressure it can put out with Lingering Demise every 11 seconds, and Gloom.

The DPS Nihilist can also offer a lot of sustain to self and teammates through Mind Leech and Orbs

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Highest healing output of all the healers. Great survivability and CC support for the team with Shapeshift: Bear. Most players have a hard time dealing with the Elder, but counterplay does exist, as it does with all the classes.


Probably the class that has the most flexible kit. This class is an excellent choice for the player who wants to be flexible and creative in playstyle. High damage output, but reliant on hard casting. Can easily kite and CC melee enemies.

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Healing Nihilist

Decent healing output and utility. Like the scholar, this class becomes very vulnerable after using Blink (Teleport). All the healing abilities outside of the Orbs are hardcasted, meaning you can easily be interrupted if you aren’t fakecasting or positioning well.

v1.3.1.0 Update: Moved Healing Nihilist from C to B Tier due to how well this class works well in double healer compositions.

v1.4.0.0 Update: Moved Healing Nihilist from B to A Tier. Double healer compositions took a big hit with the recent changes to sudden death mechanics, but good players are starting to show up with this build, and it can be very difficult to deal with.


B Tier Arena of Kings


Has recently taken a few nerfs, so we’re scaling this class down to B-Tier instead of A. It’s still a solid addition to any team because of how much space this class can create for the team. Usually played with a stun and a interrupt to shutdown a caster or a healer. Abit lacking in utility and survival abilities.


The Ranger is good at shutting down casters or chasing someone down. Has limited survivability and no teleports which makes it a vulnerable class compared to other ranged. Provides excellent kiting versus melee teams. Decent damage output.

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Pretty good healing output, and amazing damage potential if you manage to time and setup your Armageddon ability. The Scholar can however easily be chased down and ganked if he isn’t being careful about positioning. Where the Mystic and Elder has better ways of escaping and dealing with pressure, the Scholar can find himself very vulnerable after using his teleport. This class can transcend to higher tiers in a coordinated team.

DPS Paladin

Although this melee class can do alot of damage once he connects to his target, he’s got no gapclosers and can easily be kited by any good team. To make it up for that, you can play the DPS Paladin with a class that has alot of CC to help him connect easier (Frost Wizard or Assassin e.g)

v1.3.1.0 Update: Moved DPS Paladin from C to B Tier due to the synergy it has with other melees. This class shines when played with a champion or assassin.


Versatile in team compositions, high damage output if left alone. Lacks CC and mobility.

v1.3.1.0 Update: Moved Lich from S to C Tier. This class recently took a big hit on damage output, and can no longer sustain itself or create much space for the team.

v1.4.0.0 Update: Moved Lich from C to B Tier. Has received damage buffs in the recent patch, and the damage seems relevant again.


Healing Paladin

Good healing output, but also very reliant on hardcasts which makes him vulnerable to interrupts and CC. With Prudence you can have great mana sustain.

v1.3.1.0 Update: Moved Healing Paladin from B to C tier. This class is very rarely seen among higher teams.