Best Play Order: The Batman Arkham Games

Bruce Wayne, the protector of Gotham City, is the center of the DC universe. Even before DC could mold itself into a cinematic universe, Batman developed a significant spotlight.

Batman Arkham is a series of adventure-action games that revolves around the characters in the DC universe. The series of Arkham is also widely referred to as Arkhamverse. It is an inseparable part of the DC multiverse.

Rocksteady Studios and WB Games Montreal developed the Arkham series. The series was initially published by Eidos Interactive and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.

In 2007, Eidos obtained the rights to create a game on Batman from Warner Bros.

Batman Arkham Games in Chronological Order

A total of 6 Batman Arkham games have been released, and in the following order:

1. Arkham Asylum

Written by Paul Dini, the release date of Arkham Asylum is August 2009. Platforms to play on: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Windows.

It was later accessible to Mac Os in 2011. Eventually, also on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2016.

2. Arkham City

The game was available for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Windows in 2012. Later, it was available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Arkham City is a continuation of Arkham Asylum and was released in October 2011. Batman writer Paul Dini wrote the game with Paul Crocker and Sefton Hill.

3. Arkham Origins

Origins was available on Windows, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. It was released in October 2013. Corey May, Ryan Galletta, and Dooma Wendschuh wrote it together.

4. Arkham Origins Blackgate

Written by Adam Beechen, Arkham Origins Blackgate was released in 2013. The platforms for this game are Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation 3, Wii U, Windows, Xbox 360, and PlayStation Vita.

5. Arkham Knight

The game was available on PlayStation 4, Windows, and Xbox One. The release date of Arkham Origins is June 2015. The writers are Martin Lancaster, Sefton Hill, and Ian Ball.

6. Arkham VR

Arkham VR is available on PlayStation 4 and Windows with VR headsets. It was released in 2016 and written by Martin Lancaster and Craig Owens.

Batman Arkham Games: Best Order For Story Immersion

While the release order is as stated above, the storyline of the Batman Arkham games goes like this:

Arkham Origins

Batman interrupts Black Mask from killing Police Commissioner Loeb and fleeing from Blackgate Penitentiary on Christmas Eve.

As Batman is left to battle hired assassin Killer Croc, he succeeds but discovers that Croc is the first of eight assassins in Gotham City seeking a $50 million bounty set on Batman’s head by Black Mask.
Batman follows the Penguin to his ship to discover where Black Mask is sheltering.

He overcomes the assassins Deathstroke and Electrocutioner there and learns that Black Mask was assassinated in an apartment complex by the Penguin.

Batman investigates the crime site and discovers that the victim was not Black Mask and that the killer may have been “the Joker.”

Arkham Origins Blackgate

One night while guarding Gotham, Batman notices Catwoman robbing a government building and pursues her.

Many Department of Extraordinary Operations operatives misunderstand him for Catwoman’s companion and attempt to apprehend both of them, but Batman eludes them and overpowers Catwoman, which leads to her arrest.

Captain James Gordon approaches Batman two weeks after for assistance with the turmoil at Blackgate, sparked by a shadowy explosion.

The prison was divided into three principal territories as the prisoners took numerous captives. The Joker, Black Mask, and Penguin controlled each of them.

When Batman first enters the prison, he meets Catwoman, who warns him that hostages are being kept in the Arkham Wing, the faculty’s high surveillance region.

Arkham Asylum

Following the Joker’s attack on Gotham City Hall, Batman detains him and transfers him to Asylum, temporarily harboring many of the Joker’s people who were relocated.

Batman follows the Joker into the asylum, believing he allowed himself to be arrested.

The Joker’s strategy is uncovered when Harley Quinn seizes the facility’s security, and the Joker flees with the help of a crooked official who abducts Commissioner Gordon.

If anyone tries to enter Arkham, the Joker blackmails to set off bombs throughout Gotham City, forcing Batman to operate by himself.

Arkham City

TYGER militants arrest and detain Bruce Wayne during a press conference arranged by him to declare his opposition to Arkham City.

Before releasing Wayne into the prison’s criminal population, Hugo Strange reveals his knowledge of Wayne’s dual identity as Batman.

While Strange prepares to launch “Protocol 10,” Wayne receives his gear from Alfred Pennyworth via airdrop, enabling him to take on the mantle of Batman.

He rescues Catwoman from being killed by Two-Face, who wants to achieve respect by killing her.

Batman chases Joker to his hiding in the Sionis Steelmill after attempting to assassinate Catwoman, believing Joker may know the truth behind Protocol 10.

Arkham VR

An alarm clock wakes Bruce Wayne from a nightmare about the night his parents were murdered. His butler Alfred informs him that there is an emergency that requires his immediate attention.

Wayne dons his Batsuit and equipment to become Batman after igniting a secret entrance to the Batcave beneath his house.

Alfred informs Batman in the Batcave that both Robin and Nightwing have vanished and that he has been unable to contact them.

Nightwing’s tracker is activated, and Batman locates him in Central Gotham. When Batman arrives in the Batmobile, he discovers Nightwing dead in an alley.

According to his investigation, Nightwing was vanquished in single combat and had his neck splintered, despite his practically unmatched training and skills.

Arkham Knight

Scarecrow threatens to unleash his new solid fear poison on Halloween, forcing the civilian evacuation of Gotham City.

Scarecrow leads Batman to a hideout, where he rescues Poison Ivy, who had declined to join Scarecrow’s plot with Batman’s fellow rogues. Scarecrow’s toxin is traced back to Ace Chemicals, according to Oracle.

When Batman investigates the facility, he discovers that a large mercenary force, led by the mysterious “Arkham Knight,” is being deployed to occupy Gotham.

Scarecrow, who has turned the entire structure into a poison bomb, is tracked down by Batman.Before fleeing, Scarecrow confesses that he has kidnapped Oracle.

Before being approached by the Joker, Batman exposes himself to the toxin, which reduces the bomb’s explosion radius.

And That’s How The Story Goes

These are the Batman Arkham stories in play order. Rocksteady Studios have done a fantastic job with the games. Each of them has turned out thrillful and engaging.

The audience has always responded enthusiastically to every release. And the DC fans are utterly excited about the last one.