Battlerite Royale Tier List [April 2022]

Battlerite Royale

Battlerite Royale was founded by Stunlock Studios in 2018, merging the competitive and high skillcap elements from their arena game Battlerite Arena and the open world, survival elements of the royale genre.

Battlerite Royale has 28 champions, divided into their respective archetypes: Melee & Ranged

This differs from Battlerite Arena which also included the Support role, and although some Battlerite Royale champions have a few support abilities, they are far from it. This makes them viable for the soloadventures in Royale, as it allows them to take down enemies all over the map by themselves.

Positive Factors

In the following section we will go over some of the biggest factors that makes up a strong champion in BRR

  1. Utility and the ability to move around on the map. Some champions like Ashka or varesh has 2 abilities to escape enemies. This also includes jumping over or through walls. Other champions have CC abilities that allow them to move away and mount up if they need to get away, or combo their CC with a trap.
  2. How well they synergize with legendary items or spells. Some champions benefit hugely from the ability reset from Hunter’s Quickblade or the ultimate refill from Amulet of Energy.
  3. Being ranged & high damage output. Some champions like Alysia or Ashka just have stronger M1’s than Lucie or Poloma for example. Being ranged and having high damage output is often a winning factor in the very last circle since you don’t have to sacrifice your position too much to take down your enemies. This also means you’ll be able to take down enemies faster so you aren’t at risk of being ganked by a thirdparty for too long.

Negative Factors

While every champion in Battlerite Royale is viable, there are a few elements or champion characteristics that might make it slightly worse or give it more counters than other champions.

  1. No ability to jump over or through walls. If you’ve ever played a match where you had to chase down a Zander in Anvifall, you’ll know what I mean. Zander has 2 abilities with very low cooldown that allows him to escape over walls and buildings, and this makes him very hard to kill in the early to midgame stages as long as he plays around the buildings well. On the other side you have a champion like Shifu, who has no way of getting around a building unless his counter gets procced. This makes it very hard for him to catch an enemy running or escape a fight.
  1. Low damage output. A champion like Zander rarely does well in the last circles of a game, simply because his damage output is lower than most other champions and he’ll end up losing most of his trades, this means he’ll spend most of his time running around and avoiding fights, and occasionally vulturing. While he can still win the game with alot of effort and (some) luck, it’s hard for him to make a big impact
  1. Low sustain. Some champions have an advantage because they’re able to heal or shield themselves, this makes them stronger in trades and for the final circle. Others will suffer if they’re in the final circle with no healing potions left. Good sustain abilities include Lucie’s Potion, blossoms Tree , Ulric’s Shield (Sanctuary). Ruh Kaan and Jamila among others have abilities that give them health back.

The following list is based on a combination of the above mentioned factors and as a player who achieved Grand Champion in every season of Battlerite Royale.

I’ve added a difficulty number 1-10, with 10 being the hardest. This number reflects how difficult the champion is to play at a high level.


  • Blossom (5)
  • Shen Rao (7)
  • Ezmo (6)


  • Ashka (5)
  • Destiny (7)
  • Rook (8)
  • Lucie (7)
  • Jamila (8)


  • Varesh (10)
  • Poloma (6)
  • Taya (10)
  • Shifu (9)
  • Pestilus (10)
  • Oldur (6)
  • Ulric (5)
  • Alysia (7)


  • Pearl (8)
  • Zander (9)
  • Croak (8)
  • Bakko (6)
  • Freya (5)
  • Iva (8)


  • Sirius (7)
  • Jumong (8)
  • Ruh Kaan (8)


And that concludes all 28 champions.

We hope you have found this tier list to be useful in your quest to find the best (and worst) champions in Battlerite Royale. Now go get those victories!

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