Battlerite Tier List [Pro League Approved]

Battlerite was created in 2016 by Stunlock Studios and is still active to this day

And although the game doesn’t have many players left, there’s still enough players for you to get fast queues

To help you out, we have talked to former Battlerite Pro League contenders to discuss the strength and weaknesses of each champion

First, let’s dive into the factors that make up a strong champion in Battlerite, and how these factors vary from champion to champion

Factors Used

  • Champion Compatibility
  • Self-sustain
  • Raw damage output
  • Orb control

Champion Compatibility

This refers to how well a champion synergizes with other champions. Some champions just have higher compatibility in compositions, while others are very niche and can only be used in a few comps. Champions that have high compatibility and can be used in alot of comps include:

  • Jade – EX Q ability provides an AOE shield to her teammates. Snipe can be used to combo with croak, shifu and bakko incapacitate. Has two escapes (Space and Q) to get out of trouble. which can be used to get out of trouble, lessening the stress and dependency on support from teammates.
  • Varesh – Space ability is a shield. Usable on self and teammates and can be modified through battlerites to give additional perks. Has two escapes (Counter and R).
  • Iva – Q ability is a shield and a dispel. Usable on self and teammates. The dispel works particularly well in combination with a strong melee because it allows him to dive deeper into enemy backlines without getting punished.
  • Ulric – Ulric has high compatibility with other champions because of his space ability and AOE shield/heal. Ulric can reset his space cooldown to dash around the map, providing support to his teammates at a high speed.
  • Alysia – Shield for self and teammates. Only has one space, but in turn has alot of CC to help out herself and teammates.

Champions With High Self-sustain

Self-sustain is important in Battlerite because it allows champions to be split from their support/healer and still come out somewhat healthy. It obviously depends how well the player is trading cooldowns, but some champions just have an easier time self-sustaining themselves than others. Self-sustain is not only about getting health back, but also comes down to good a champion is at AVOIDING damage

  • Thorn – Lots of defensive battlerites (Damage reduction on M1, shield on space, weakening thorns/M2). Gets health back from his E, M2 and R. He also has alot of CC, in turn making him take less damage over time
  • Jade – Because of her stealth and space ability, aswell as having additional battlerites to increase stealth duration
  • Croak – Very slippery with his double jump, stealth and dash. Also gets health back on his Toxin ability.
  • Rook – Can spam his EX M1 to get health back, very useful in longer fights
  • Freya – Alot of her battlerites increase or adds a shield to her abilities

Raw Damage Output

Like in any other competitive game, damage output can turn the tides in a game of Battlerite. Some champions have natural high damage output and can have a huge impact on the rounds if given the opportunity. Champions with particularly high damage output include:

  • Ashka – High base M1 damage. Can combo well with Q and ultimate to do huge bursts of damage
  • Destiny – High base M1 damage. She can do extra damage on targets that are trapped in her E zone, and follow up with her charged M2 ability
  • Shifu – High consistent damage with M1 and M2 combinations. There’s alot of ways for him to stick to his enemies, increasing his overall damage output
  • Shen Rao – Can hit multiple enemies with several of his abilities, increasing the pressure for his team

Orb Control

In Battlerite, the middle orb is a big deal for a team. Being able to secure the orb provides your entire team with energy and health, making you more likely to win the round. Champions with a knock, grab or an ability with high burst are particularly good for orb control.

  • Ruh Kaan – Can grab the orb from far, allowing his team to jump on the orb
  • Jade – Her long-range snipe ability makes it easy to hit and secure the orb from afar
  • Ezmo – Can pull the orb with his M2
  • Rook – Can push the orb in several directions with his boulder toss (E). He can also stun enemies ontop of the orb
  • Oldur – Oldur can use his EX Q ontop of the orb, blocking and reflecting enemy projectiles trying to hit the orb
  • Destiny – With her space ability she can push the orb in her direction of choice. She can also trap enemies with her E, stunning them if they try to advance for the orb

With that said, anything can happen in Battlerite. A low-tier champion can still outperform S-tier champions because of Battlerites high skill ceiling and unforgiving nature.

Therefore, I’ve added a difficulty number (1-10) next to each champion.

This number is an indication of how hard the champion is to play at a high level.


  • Shen Rao (8)
  • Varesh (9)
  • Freya (6)
  • Alysia (5)
  • Blossom (4)
  • Ulric (7)


  • Raigon (8)
  • Rook (7)
  • Thorn (6)
  • Lucie (9)
  • Poloma (8)
  • Destiny (5)
  • Jade (7)
  • Pestilus (9)


  • Oldur (6)
  • Ashka (5)
  • Croak (8)
  • Bakko (7)
  • Jamila (8)
  • Taya (6)


  • Shifu (9)
  • Iva (4)
  • Pearl (7)
  • Jumong (6)
  • Ruh Kaan (9)


  • Zander (5)
  • Sirius (6)
  • Ezmo (5)

Closing Up

It’s important to note that although champions are placed in different tiers, they are all available for high level play.

There are things like individual skill, team composition counters, champion counters and teamplay, that matter alot more than predefined tier lists.

But regardless, we hope that this tier list will inspire you to try out new champions in Battlerite, or continue grinding away on that favorite champion of yours due to your newfound knowledge about it’s strenghts – or weaknesses.

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