15 Best Co-op Horror Games To Play In 2023

Halloween is usually the time when everyone dials their scare meter to eleven and tries to get into the spirit of this spooky holiday.

*Queue scary sound effects*

However, while October is still quite a few months away, there is no reason why you can’t enjoy an early spooky experience, especially if you can do it with friends.

To help you along, we have created a list of some of the best co-op horror games that you can play in 2022.

15 Best Co-op Horror Games That Are Guaranteed To Spook You

  1. Evil Dead: The Game
  2. The Forest
  3. Left 4 Dead 2
  4. Phasmophobia
  5. Sons Of The Forest
  6. V Rising
  7. Skeleton Crew
  8. The Outlast Trials
  9. Dead Space 3
  10. Eronoctosis: Put Yourself Together
  11. Banish
  12. Devour
  13. Dying Light 2: Stay Human
  14. Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Game
  15. Deceit

Evil Dead: The Game

Evil Dead The Game
DeveloperSaber Interactive
PublisherSaber Interactive, Boss Team Games
Release Date13 May 2022
PlatformMicrosoft Windows, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series

Based on the popular Evil Dead franchise, Evil Dead: The Game is a survival horror game based that features both PvE and PvP gameplay elements.

The core gameplay loop revolves around four players having to choose one of the four playable survivor classes such as Hunter, Support, Leader, and Warrior which are tasked with eliminating a demon.

Survivors are then tasked with completing different objectives while at the same time scavenging the land for supplies and weapons.

What makes Evil Dead: The Game a lot more interesting is the fact that the main demon is always portrayed by the fifth player.

That particular player can choose one of the three demons, Puppeteer, the Necromancer, and the Warlord, and use their unique abilities to hinder the progress and eliminate the survivors. 

The Forest

The Forest
DeveloperEndnight Games
PublisherEndnight Games
Release Date30 April 2018
PlatformMicrosoft Windows, PlayStation 4

The Forest is a very popular survival title definitely deserving of the spot on this list. After a terrible plane crash, players find themselves in the roles of those who managed to survive the accident.

While you are lucky to make it out alive from the crash, you and your friends quickly realize that your luck is in steep decline after realizing that you are located in a mysterious forest that is inhabited by mutant cannibals.

While your first encounters with the mutants may seem anticlimactic at first, things quickly escalate, and the fear factor increases as the time passes and the night sets in.

To successfully hold off their attacks, the players are required to gather resources, craft items, and weapons, and build traps and other structures which grant them safety. 

Left 4 Dead 2

Left 4 Dead 2
Release Date17 November 2009
PlatformMicrosoft Windows, Xbox 360, Mac OS X, Linux

Left 4 Dead 2 is a multiplayer zombie first-person shooter and a sequel to the original Left 4 Dead game from 2009.

Considered by many to be a classic nowadays, Left 4 Dead 2 is set in a world ravaged by a zombie outbreak and puts players in the shoes of those who were lucky enough to survive.

It is then up to this small team of survivors to scavenge the ruins of civilization for supplies and weapons while keeping the zombie hordes at bay as they struggle to get to safety. The game features both a regular campaign mode, and a pvp mode called versus.

In the versus mode (PvP), you play in a 4v4 format, where players on each team switch the roles of survivors and “infected”.

The campaign mode is played in a group of 4 survivors, where you have to venture through interesting maps.


DeveloperKinetic Games
PublisherKinetic Games
Release Date18 September 2020
PlatformMicrosoft Windows

We can’t talk about the best horror games without mentioning Phasmophobia.

This investigative horror game puts you and your friends in the shoes of paranormal investigators with the aim of gathering evidence of paranormal activity at various locations.

Now keep in mind that your job is not to eliminate these entities, you are not the Ghostbusters. Your job is to simply prove their presence and pinpoint which one of many paranormal creatures is haunting the location by using your ghost hunting equipment.

Once you have enough evidence and are certain who your culprit is, you can then sell that information to a different team that specializes in removing paranormal threats.

Sons Of The Forest

Sons Of The Forest
DeveloperEndnight Games Ltd
PublisherNew Night
Release DateOctober 2022
PlatformMicrosoft Windows

Sons of the Forest is a survival horror game and a highly anticipated sequel to the Forest, which is also on our list.

The plot of the game revolves around the player or a group of players being tasked with finding a billionaire who went missing on a remote island inhabited by a cannibalistic tribe.

Once you reach the island, you and your friends are on your own, and it is up to the players to decide how they will tackle the harsh landscapes, changing seasons, and attacks from the creatures native to the island.

Increase the odds of your survival by crafting tools and weapons, placing traps, and building shelters to keep yourself and your friends safe. 

V Rising

V Rising
DeveloperStunlock Studios
PublisherStunlock Studios
Release Date17 May 2022
PlatformMicrosoft Windows

V Rising is one of the more recent releases that is primarily an action-adventure title, however, it is set in a gothic world full of supernatural beasts, dark forests, mythical creatures, and much, much more.

Players begin the game by awakening as vampires and from there, things get very chaotic very fast.  Many players dub V Rising as a magical crossover between Diablo and Valheim, and this definition is accurate in terms of gameplay mechanics.

Players can gather resources, craft items, build castles and fortresses as well as gain followers.

At the same time, players will be leveling up their vampire abilities and mastering the art of combat in an effort to gain more strength by collecting blood and trying to survive the scorching sun by moving through the darkness.

There is so much going on in this game, that this description doesn’t do it justice, and you have to play it to truly experience everything it has to offer.

Skeleton Crew

Skeleton Crew
DeveloperCinder Cone
PublisherModern Wolf
Release Date16 June 2022
PlatformMicrosoft Windows

Skeleton Crew is an upcoming indie adventure title with a cartoonish gothic horror aesthetic set in the fictional world of Karpathia.

In this world, humans have become an endangered species and it is up to the Yeoman Eldritch Extermination team to protect them from any and all threats.

Players are offered a choice of twelve unique heroes, each with their own special abilities, and are tasked with fighting against witches, zombies, and many other evil creatures including giant bosses by kicking and throwing whatever is lying around.

The Outlast Trials

The Outlast Trials
DeveloperRed Barrels
PublisherRed Barrels
Release DateSpecific date unknown, 2022
PlatformMicrosoft Windows

The Outlast Trials is an upcoming psychological horror survival game and the third installment of the popular Outlast series.

The game serves as a prequel to the first two titles and is set during the Cold War era. Up to four players find themselves at the Murkoff Corporation which served as a testing site for various brainwashing and mind control experiments performed on unwilling human test subjects.

It is up to the players to survive by using any means necessary and escape from the results of the inhumane experiments. 

Dead Space 3

Dead Space 3
DeveloperVisceral Games
PublisherElectronic Arts
Release Date5 February 2013
PlatformMicrosoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

Dead Space 3 is a third installment of the popular Dead Space franchise that really doesn’t need any introduction if you are a horror fan.

The game tasks the players with traveling to the icy planet of Tau Volantis with the goal of neutralizing the Necromorph outbreak. To complete their objective, players will need to scavenge their surroundings for usable materials and create various tools and weapons to aid them.

While many fans would argue that Dead Space 3 is the tipping point where everything went wrong with the Dead Space franchise, Dead Space 3 features eerie environments, scary creatures, and plenty of jumpscares which is why it deserves a spot on this list. 

Eronoctosis: Put Yourself Together

Eronoctosis: Put Yourself Together
DeveloperDream Toaster Games
PublisherDream Toaster Games
Release Date11 October 2021
PlatformMicrosoft Windows

Eronoctosis: Put Yourself Together is a co-op survival game, but unlike other titles on this list, it is meant to be played by two players.

Upon starting the game, the players will find themselves inside a dark maze infested with monsters.

The gameplay revolves around two players having to work together to tackle the challenges in front of them by using basic tools like a flashlight and a camera.

The goal of the game is to collect the essence of a person and make that person whole.

Eronoctosis: Put Yourself Together is a creepy yet very short experience, however, those who wish to enjoy it for themselves can do so completely free of charge since the game is free to play on Steam. 


PublisherGlacier Ltd
Release Date20 June 2022
PlatformMicrosoft Windows

Banish is an upcoming horror survival game that allows the players to take up the role of a priest who was sent by the church to Luxford Mansion.

You quickly learn that somebody tried to perform an exorcism once here, but for some reason, it ended in failure. 

It is then up to you and your friends to collect the items required to finish the job and complete the ritual while trying your best to evade and hide from the evil entity that roams the hallways of Luxford Mansion.


DeveloperStraight Back Games
PublisherStraight Back Games
Release Date28 January 2021
PlatformMicrosoft Windows, Mac

Devour is a horror survival title that serves as a prequel for another co-op game called The Watchers.

The game has players portray cult members whose main goal is to free other cultists who have been possessed by the demon Azazel.

In order to do so, players are required to collect items required to perform various rituals while at the same time evading enraged cultists who grow in power and numbers as the time passes.

Armed only with a UV flashlight, it is up to the players to unlock various perks, earn ritual tokens and stop Azazel.

Dying Light 2: Stay Human

Dying Light 2: Stay Human
Release Date4 February 2022
PlatformMicrosoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S

Dying Light 2: Stay Human is the second installment of the franchise and is set in a post-apocalyptic world in which a virus has overtaken humanity.

The City is one of the last remaining human settlements, and it too has seen better days.

It is up to the players to decide the fate of one of the last remaining bastions of humanity by battling monsters and making allies while exploring the remnants of this once beautiful location.

Numerous threats are present during the day when other humans are trying to scavenge for supplies, however, things get even worse when the sun goes down and zombies start roaming around.

Dying Light 2 is unique in the sense that the game doesn’t have guns, but heavily focuses on parkour and melee combat. The closest you will ever get to a gun is with a bow and arrow. 

Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Game

Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Game
DeveloperGun Media Holdings
PublisherSumo Digital
Release DateTBA
PlatformMicrosoft Windows, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S

Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Game is an upcoming asymmetrical horror title based on the popular movie of the same name from 1974.

Over the years, this movie has gained a huge following so there is a lot of hype surrounding this game.

Unlike the hype, however, the information regarding this title is very scarce. So far, we only have a trailer and a dedicated website to go on.

When it comes to gameplay, all we know is that the Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The game will be a 3v4 multiplayer experience with the smaller team being the family of murderers, and the larger team consisting of potential victims.

Not much else is known about this game, besides that stealth mechanics will be playing a huge role in it. Nevertheless, it is definitely worth checking out once it’s released. 


DeveloperWorld Makers
PublisherWorld Makers
Release Date3 March 2017
PlatformMicrosoft Windows, Linux

Deceit can be described as a multiplayer first-person shooter with strategic gameplay. The layer begins the game by waking up at an unknown location surrounded by five other strangers with two members of your group being infected with a virus.

The players then need to work together in order to accomplish objectives and escape, however, things become increasingly tense without knowing who is infected and who you can trust.

Each level contains a blackout phase which allows those who are infected to transform into nightmarish creatures with unique abilities which they can use to dispatch other players.

It is anyone’s guess when it comes to who will come out on top of this cat and mouse game when fear and distrust are at an all-time high.