Best Fable Game to Play in 2023

What Is Fable?

Fable is one of the most innovative and creative game series that continues to stand out not only with its great gameplay, RPG elements, and its unique choice-oriented system.

Which makes you wonder, what Fable game should you play in 2022?

Here you have a list with the games in the Fable series and which ones you may want to try right now.

The Fable Games In Order

  • The first Fable game was released in 2004 and it was focused on the idea of completing missions to reach the end of the story by either becoming good or bad. There was a great RPG system, quests, trophies and also the opportunity to choose how you want to deal with every situation.
  • Fable 2 was an Xbox 360 exclusive and the action takes place 500 years after the first game. You take the roe of a hero that wants to stop a former ruler who strives to destroy the world. It’s inspired by the late colonial era too.
  • Fable 3 was released in 2010 and this time you are the royal hero that tries to usurp a monarch and manage the kingdom. Like all the other Fable games, here you have a morality system and the way you behave and the decisions you take will influence the standing between your followers.
  • Fable Heroes was a beat em up videogame that wanted to turn Fable into a side scroller with the action in the same game world. It still has the hack and slash adventure approach, but it’s not as comprehensive.
  • Fable The Journey is a Kinect game whose focus is to manipulate magic and eliminate your enemies. You can perform various gestures, cast spells and battle your enemies.
  • Fable Fortune is a free to play card game that was short lived, due to having lackluster performance on the market.

Best Fable Game to Play in 2022?

There are plenty of Fable games to play, but the best one you can play is actually the first one. The original Fable received Fable Anniversary, which is a remastered version of Fable The Lost Chapters.

Credit: Big Blue Box

This version has audio and graphical overhauls, as well as a new save system. It also has achievements. The graphical updates include better maps, improved textures, higher number of polygons, widescreen support and so on. It also delivers mod support.

Needless to say, this is the version to play because it’s the most recent and also the most polished one as well.

There is a new Fable game in development by Microsoft, and we can expect that new version to arrive soon. That being said, Fable has always been a great series and it continues to shine with its creative gameplay and fun ideas. If you are interested in playing an RPG that’s different, yet still fun and extremely interesting, then Fable is well worth it. We think that the Fable Anniversary version is the best one to play right now if you want to get into the series, since it has the best graphics, improvements and bug fixes!