Best Gaming Headset for MMO Games (Immersive experiences)

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When playing MMOs, you’re often deeply immersed in the game. There’s so much to do, so many players to meet, and lastly, there’s bosses to be slain.

In these games, designed to indulge competition and social interactions between players, one slight minute of distraction can cost you your life in the game.

So for such a dedicated gaming experience, don’t you think you will need a proper headset that blocks the background noises and fosters the best immersive experience?

However, with the gaming market overflowing with tons of headsets, it is easy to get confused.

Importance of Sound in MMO Games

Massively Multiplayer Online or MMO games are not your regular multiplayer games where you will battle against a handful of players. With the word ‘massive’ in its term, these games literally imply that there will be a massive amount of multiplayer you will be playing against or together with.

Sound in MMORPG games is especially important because of the many features you can explore in these games. You often have crafting skills, fishing adventures, large open-field battles and interesting, special encounters with both NPCs and other players. All of these features are enhanced by improved sound, which is why sound is such a big deal.

Our recommendations

(With game immersion, price and value in mind) 

Best Rated Overall

1. Logitech G733 ($144.99) 

Exceptional noise-handling

Soft dual-layer memory foam

Light as a feather

You might wonder whether you have chosen the wrong source seeing that the first product on the list turns out to be quite expensive.

Wait till you see why this particular headset has made it to our list of the best MMO headsets.

Logitech has been and is still a renowned brand well known for its range of electronic goods, which customers have proclaimed to be the best, and this headset comes on that list. Gamers usually have trouble with a wired headset hence why wireless headsets are the recent boom. However, some wireless headsets do not provide the privilege of excellent audio if the distance increases. That’s a problem solved by this Logitech G733 since games can get a clear audio transmission up to 20 meters.

Speaking of playing in an MMO game, you will collaborate with others when defeating high-level bosses and other teams. When doing so, communication is key to planning strategy and defeating the enemy. Players can customize their audio clarity with G Hub with the advanced mic filters.

Getting immersed into a game so hard that you forget your lunch? Happens all the time.

But getting uncomfortable in the middle because your headset is hurting your ears? That’s a no-no. 

With the Soft dual-layer memory foam, Logitech headsets provide comfort to your head and reduce stress points for long-lasting comfort.

The headset is the definition of ‘light as a feather,’ thus giving the wearer the ultimate form of comfort. Also, the lighting around the headset can be customized according to your whim using the G HUB gaming software. Why not be flashy while gaining victory in the game.

Another key point of the Logitech headset is that they provide up to 29 hours of long-lasting battery life which is quite a rare aspect to be found on any gaming headset. So now you can play as long as you want without worrying about the battery running out.

* Companion software has a surprising number of possibilities
* Wireless latency is rather low
* Exceptional noise-handling capability for microphones 
* Long Battery life
* Consistency of frequency response is poor
* Scheme of limited control
* Blue Voice software

Technical Specifications

Version – ‎G733 LIGHTSPEED

Battery life – Up to 29 hours

Wireless Technology – 2. 4 GHz LightGHzed

Wireless Range – 20 m 

Weight – 278 g or ‎9.8 ounces

Headband type – Suspension

Earcup materials – Memory foam + Soft Fabric

Virtual surround sound – DTS Headphone:X 2.0

Mic – 6 mm and removable

Voice tuning tech – Blue VO!CE real-time voice filters

Where to buy:  Click the purlink above

Price/Value favorite

HyperX Cloud Stinger Core ($49.99) 

Virtual 7.1 surround sound audio

Lightweight headset


Looking for an immersive game experience in a way that you feel like you got transported to the game realm?

Say no more with the HyperX Cloud Stinger Core headset.

HyperX has integrated a virtual 7.1 surround sound audio which promises a superior audio quality. The 40mm drivers and enhanced bass will provide clear and high-quality audio, which will keep you immersed in the game universe. Now you might even be able to hear even the slightest rustle when playing the game.

Being a lightweight headset that weighs about 1.15 pounds, gamers will not have to worry about any pain and instead focus on playing the game comfortably and the soft and cushiony ear cushions.

Do you ever feel like increasing or decreasing the volume while playing the game only to hassle around the controls? Now you will have it easy since the audio control comes on top of the headset, and they can be easily controlled.

Finally, the mic.

The mic, which is incorporated with noise-canceling technology, paves the way for clear communication.

Also, to mute the mic, you need not hassle around any buttons or controls, simply swivel the mic upwards for mute and downwards to resume the talk.

* Comfortable to wear
* Quality Microphone
* 17 hours of battery life
* USB-C charging
* On non-consoles, persistent audio distortion
* Xbox wireless is inconvenient
* There is too much clamping force
* It appears to be less expensive than it is

Technical Specifications

Wireless Technology – 2.4GHz gaming-grade wireless connection

Battery Life – 17 hours

Audio – 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound

Noise-Cancellation Mic Type – Swivel-to-mute

Audio Controls – Onboard

Ear Cushion Material – Foam + Cloth

Driver – 40mm

Item Weight -‎1.15 pounds 

Where to buy:  Click the purple link above

Most unique aesthetics

SOMiC GS510 Cat Ear Headset ($79.99)

Comes in a variety of colors

Wireless range is up to 33 feet

Ergonomic design

Is it a sin to look cute and adorable while playing? Obviously not; it’s even better, which is why we have included an adorable SOMiC GS510 Cat Ear Headset.

SOMiC is a renowned brand well known for its range of cat-eared headsets that are available in a variety of colors. The concept alone is not the best part.

At an affordable price, the headset also comes with a variety of advanced and comfortable features.

One of which is their retractable microphone feature. The intent of adding microphones to the headsets is to provide the gamer the feature of talking comfortably while playing games.

Sometimes the same ubiquitous features tend to be annoying while playing, so with the retractable feature now, you can rotate the mic about 120° whenever you don’t feel like having it and concentrate on playing.  

With Virtual 7.1 Surround Sound quality, gamers can feel the game’s immersive experience and will not hear any outside distractions. 

The wireless range is up to 33 feet, so gamers can move around without worrying about the connection getting cut off in the middle.  

The controls such as the on/off buttons, three-mode switch, mic, and volume buttons are along the speakers making it easier for the gamers to change the controls.

Finally, the ergonomic design of the headsets.

SOMiC GS510 is not only cute, but also comfy. It comes with an adjustable headband with a cozy padding and comfortable earbuds, which feels soft for the ear letting the players have a relaxing gaming experience.

It comes with a cute design
Comfortable to wear
Retractable microphone
High-quality audio
Low battery life

Technical Specifications

Model Name – GS510-2.4G-BlACK

Item Weight -1.39 pounds

Wireless Technology – 2.4GHz Wireless Connection

Wireless Range – 33 feet

Battery life – 8 Hours

Driver – 50MM

Audio – Virtual 7.1 Surround Sound & 3 Professional Mode

Microphone – Retractable &120° Routing Microphone

Lighting – 9 RGB Lighting Effect

Where to buy:  Click the purple link above

Best quality

SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro Multi-System Gaming Headset ($249.99)

360° Spatial Audio

Connect via both Wifi and Bluetooth

Sonar Software AI algorithm mic

Your eyes are not lying; this headset which is the perfect definition of splendor does cost a whopping $249.99. Is it worth that much? Yes, it is. 

Arctis Nova Pro, released by SteelSeries, is the ultimate definition of sophistication and quality.

Let’s start with listing the key quality, audio.

With 360° Spatial Audio, you do not get an immersive gaming experience but an ultra-immersive gaming experience since you feel action all around you. With GameDAC Gen 2, you get a clear game sound quality without noise and distortion.

You have two types of wireless connections with wifi and Bluetooth. You also have wired connection features as well. Arctis Nova Pro comes with dual USB, which you can connect with your PC and PlayStation simultaneously. 

The microphones are powered with a Sonar Software AI algorithm, which intelligently cancels the background noise and lets you speak with clarity. This headset is especially recommended to game streamers. 

The Bass and audio quality are phenomenal
New Sonar parametric EQ is easy to use and informative
Comfortable, light, and a great deal of adjustability 
Mic and ear cups have noise cancellation
Over Bluetooth, you can only skip or pause music using the headset buttons
AI noise cancellation is a little lacking 

Technical Specifications

Series – Arctis Nova Pro

Wireless Technology – 2.4GHz Wireless Connection, Bluetooth

Item Weight – ‎2.57 pounds

Frequency response – 10 – 40kHz

Battery life – 30hrs

Audio – 360° Spatial Audio

Microphone – ClearCast Gen 2 microphone

Where to buy:  Click the purple link above

Customization favorite

Corsair Void RGB Elite ($54.99)

Virtual 7.1 Surround Sound

Hear and speak with the utmost clarity

Customizable RGB lighting

If you perhaps were looking for a gaming headset AND one you can wear when attending work-from-home meetings, Corsair Void RGB Elite might be the one for you. 

Corsair Void RGB Elite, in a few words, is simple, elite, and comfy. The ear pads come with a plush memory foam which provides comfort to the gamer and does not give space for inconvenience and pain. Also, the volume controls can be easily adjusted as the volume controls are on the earpads. 

The audio quality user is impeccable because of Virtual 7.1 Surround Sound. The microphone is designed to collect any background noise, so you can hear and speak with utmost clarity, void of any background noises Gamers can change the RGB lighting.

There is no lag with RF wireless audio
Precise microphone

Can feel heavy on a head
The RGB lighting drains battery life
Some users report that it feels uncomfy 

Technical Specifications

Series – Void RGB Elite

Frequency range – 20Hz-30,000Hz

Item Weight – 6.4 ounces

Battery Life -17 Hours

Audio – Virtual 7.1 Surround Sound 

Driver – 50MM

Where to buy: Click the purple link above

Most unusual

HECATE by Edifier G2 II Pink Gaming Headset ($43.99)

Multiple color options

Very “kawaii”

7.1 Virtual surround sound

Woah, we are at the end of the list. Now let’s end the recommendations with a trendy and cute headset of HECATE by Edifier G2. 

Cat ear headsets are quite the trend and the favorite of female gamers. Though the one we have mentioned is pink, ladies, you have other color options if pink isn’t your favorite. And the cat ears are removable, too, so you can remove them whenever you want. With that said, let’s jump into the features.

This cute headset by Hecate is lightweight and is comfortable to wear. With soft leather earmuffs and an adjustable headband, players can play their games smoothly without experiencing inconvenience.

The detachable microphones are another plus and let you speak with other games with clear quality. 

If you are looking for the ‘kawaii’ look, Hecate headsets are the right one for you.

7.1 Virtual surround.
A good mic for an affordable price

It exudes low-quality vibes
The foam pop protector does not fit well
Mic connection with a rough edge 

Technical Specifications

Series – Edifier G2 II Pink

Item Weight – 9.4 ounces

Audio – 7.1 Surround Sound

Driver Unit – 50mm

Frequency Response – 20Hz-20kHz

Audio Drivers – 50mm

Connection – USB

Where to buy: Click the purple link above


When choosing the right headset, there are various features to consider, the brand, the features, and finally, the aesthetics, which is why we took it upon ourselves to provide you with a diverse list of headsets of the best quality.

Our overall recommendation for gaming immersion, price and value is the HyperX Cloud Stinger Core. If you are looking to up the quality on this, and price is less important to you, then SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro is the best choice.

We hope the above list of headsets that complements the features in MMO games helped you select the perfect one for yourself.