Best Gaming Mouse For Osu! (5 Options)

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Developed by Dean Herbert, Osu! Is a free-to-play Rhythm game.

It is the ultimate test of your hand-eye coordination.

Osu contains beatmaps with four different game modes. The game modes include Osu!standard, Osu!taiko, Osu!catch, and Osu!mania.

All the beatmaps contain playable songs and in the map, you get “hit objects” or “circles” which you need to hit repeatedly to earn scores.   

Now coming to the practical side of the game, Osu! requires either a graphics tablet or a computer mouse to play along with a keyboard or a mini keyboard.

Computer mice are recommended because of the movement required within the game and hand-eye coordination is better with a mouse and a keyboard because you are used to it. 

Importance Of A Good Mouse in Osu!  

The reason why a good mouse is required in Osu! Games are because of the sensitivity of the mouse where you can perform hits on the target with relative ease. 

A computer mouse gives you the freedom and sensitivity to hit those targets quickly and also the movement of the mouse where you can move the mouse with one quick motion to the next hit. Also, if you’re already adapted to fps games, then your coordination between the mouse and the keyboard is already set. 

Our Top 5 Mouse Picks for Osu!


Razer DeathAdder V2 Pro ($75.40) 


Very fast click generation

Very low cursor drift

We will start with the best in the industry straight away.

The award-winning Razer DeathAdder V2 Pro is the best in its class and segment. It is the most successful and most sold mouse of all time. 

The V2 Pro auto-calibrates across the mat and reduces cursor drift. It also provides low latency and interference reduction. The sensitivity is off the charts as well.

You get total freedom and control with the Razer DeathAdder V2 Pro. The click generation is quick, and the movement is as smooth as you can get from a mouse.

Another significant aspect is the battery life in Bluetooth mode, where you can get 120 hours or 70 hours of ultra-fast performance when switched to HyperSpeed wireless. There is a USB connection included as well. 

Best in the industry
Great sensitivity
Multiple button control
Tad pricey

Technical Specifications

Sensitivity – True 20,000 DPI Focus+ Optical Sensor

Acceleration – Up to 650 IPS

Battery life – 70 hrs/ 120 hrs(Bluetooth)

Programmable buttons – 8 Hyperesponse buttons

Weight – 88 gms

Connectivity – USB and Bluetooth

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Logitech G400s ($89.99)

High-accuracy cursor control

Eight programmable buttons


The Logitech G400s is an out-and-out gaming mouse. One of the advantages of having a wired mouse is you stay connected with the keyboard both mentally and physically. The calibration is different with a wired mouse. 

There is an exclusive sensor technology built for high-accuracy cursor control. You know how vital cursor accuracy is in Osu! Games and Logitech are on the money on that front. The Hydrophobic coating near the palm area is designed so that you can prolong your gaming sessions. 

There are eight programmable buttons on the mouse itself. The build is one of G400s strongest claims to fame, and it is ultra-durable. The buttons are designed to endure over 20 million clicks which are twice as many as any other mouse, and also low-friction feet are tested to last 250 km and are designed to reduce drag and have faster movements. 

Designed for long gameplay
In-Game sensitivity switching

Technical Specifications

Connection – Wired

Response – 0Hz Ultrapolling

Programmable buttons – 8

Movement Detection Technology – Optical, Laser

DPI – 4000

Weight – 133 gms

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SteelSeries Rival 3 ($24.99)


SteelSeries Rival 3 ($24.99)

Budget-friendly pick

300 IPS and 35g acceleration

Multi-color lighting

A gem of a mouse with affordable pricing. SteelSeries Rival 3 is everything you can ask from a gaming mouse and more. Its affordable pricing and overall ambiance are what stand it out. 

The mouse is highly durable as it is engineered with high-grade polymer.

TrueMove optical gaming sensor allows you to make quick movements without feeling any cursor drag.

Osu! Games require fast sensors and quick movements, which the Rival three mouse provides. TrueMove Core optical sensor also offers 300 IPS and 35g acceleration.

The overall look of the mouse is something to drool about. The SteelSeries Rival 3 has 3 Zones of brilliant prism lightning. The multi-color lighting gives the mouse a premium and a beautiful look. The six programmable buttons on the mouse can handle up to 60 million clicks combined. As we said above, durability does stand out in this SteelSeries mouse. 

Superb sensitivity
Great ambiance
Non-braided cable wire

Technical Specifications

Sensor Type – Optical

Sensitivity – 100-8,500 CPI

Polling Rates – Up to 1000 Hz

Programmable Buttons – 6

LED Zones and Colors – 3 RGB Zones

Weight – 77 gms

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Logitech G502 Hero High Performing Gaming Mouse ($38.99) 

400 IPS and 40 g acceleration sensor

Good build and comfortable

Budget-friendly pick

If ever a gaming mouse looked like a proper gaming mouse, then this is it! The Logitech G502 is an excellent fit for Osu! Games. The sensor tracks up to 400 IPS and 40 g acceleration which amounts to a very decent sensor. You can adjust up to 3.6 gms weight inside the mouse. As you already know, the lighter the mouse, the easier it gets to play Osu! Games.

The scroll of the mouse comes down to personal preference. While some may find it easily maneuverable (us included), others may find it a bit clunky. Overall though, the scroll is outstanding with two modes, and it doesn’t let the cursor drag, which is the most critical factor. 

There are 11 programmable buttons on the mouse, which are customizable according to your liking. 

Good build and comfortable
The scroll wheel consists of 2 modes
High performance

Technical Specifications

Sensor Type – Optical

DPI – 100-16000

Polling Rate – 1000 Hz

Connectivity – Wired, USB 3.0

Max Tracking Speed – 400 IPS

Weight – 121 grams

Programmable Buttons – 11

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ROCCAT Kone Pro Air Gaming PC Wireless Mouse ($99.99)

Offers 100 million long-lasting clicks

Rapid charge system

Ergonomic shape

The Roccat Kone Pro is a perfect companion for Osu! Games.

It is a well-rounded mouse that covers every feature that is needed for gaming. We are amazed at its huge 100-plus hours of battery life. One charge is all it needs, and you are set for a long time.

There is a rapid charge system where you can charge the mouse for 10 minutes, and it will give you 5 hours of playing time. Now that’s super impressive! Of course, you can also switch it up with the 2.4 GHz USB connection.

The Titans Switch Optical offers 100 million long-lasting clicks and also speed and accuracy/precision in its movement.

The Kone Pro’s heat-treated pure PTFE glides give a serious quality glide and smooth movement of the mouse. The accuracy of the mouse is underrated. 

The iconic ergonomic shape is lit by multicolored lights, and the mouse looks stunningly beautiful. The illuminated lights look gorgeous and give you that gamer vibe that not many mice provide.

Excellent scrolling
Lag-free movement
Good durability
Massive battery life

Technical Specifications

Sensor Type – Optical

Connectivity – Bluetooth

DPI – 18000

Programmable Buttons – 7

Scroll Wheel – 2-Way

Weight – 75 gms

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Final Words

Some gamers prefer tablets over mice for Osu! games but tablets are expensive, especially the quality ones, and when you are a gamer, then you obviously would go for a quality option.

So, instead of splurging 100s of dollars on a tablet, it is wise to go for a quality mouse that compliments your PC for these different game modes perfectly. 

Hopefully, our list gave you some idea of what you are trying to buy or at least push you in the right direction as Osu! Games are fun when you play them with a mouse accompanied by a keyboard or a mini-keyboard.