Best Hunter in Smite for 2022

Like every MOBA game, Smite has a vast range of incredible characters and it constantly comes out with a multitude of options to keep in mind. Playing as a hunter is actually a great idea in this game, because you can easily focus on ranged attacks and deadly side effects that can help the team attacking firsthand.

While playing as a hunter is great, figuring out the right Hunter in Smite is actually quite challenging. The truth is that all hunters have their own roles and features. You just have to find the one that suits how you play. Here you have a list with the things you need to keep in mind.

Best Hunter and Why

Many consider Danzaburou to be the best Hunter in Smite, for a multitude of reasons. He has a lot of damage, which is what you really want from a good hunter to begin with. Another powerful feature is the ultimate ability for this Hunter. It allows him to go in the middle of the team fight and also step away from the fight without a problem. The fact that you can also heal yourself and deal a lot of damage to enemies is why we think he has the best Hunter capabilities in the game.

Right off the bat, he has a pretty significant health pool, the range is incredible and the attack rate is very decent. We also like the fact that this character has a passive which allows you to save 10% of the gold into pouches. You get an increase in physical power and you also have extra gold when the pouch is filled.

Other Great Hunters

Another good option is definitely Heimdallr. This hunter is very good if you want to reveal enemies and also attack them from afar. Another great thing about this Hunter is that it can teleport and also get out of messy spots very fast. If you want to play safely with a hunter, then this is the option for you.

Again, the range is great, and the amount of health is more than decent. His passive makes it easy for the hunter to gain physical power when he sees enemy gods, and this stacks to 5 gods.

Cupid is a wonderful hunter too. Many like it because it works great as a damage dealer, and it doubles down as a team healer.

Cupid also has crowd control capabilities and he has area of effect damage on most targets, which is exactly why you want to at least give it a shot. His passive offers him more damage when Cupid lands an arrow on his enemies, and it stacks.


There’s no shortage of great hunters in Smite. The truth is that you want to find one that fits your game style and you can always experiment. While Danzaburou is our preferred option, there are many others you can check out. Remember, Smite is all about trying out abilities, getting the best gear and communicating with your team. Once you do that, you will find it easier to achieve great results in every game!