40 Cool Character Names For Games

When it comes to video games, character names are important for a number of reasons.

First and foremost, they help players to identify with the characters they are controlling.

A well-chosen name can also convey a lot about a character’s personality, history, and role in the game. In some cases, a character’s name may even be integral to the game’s plot. 

Of course, not every video game character needs a deep and meaningful name. Sometimes a simple, straightforward name is the best choice.

But in general, taking the time to choose the right name for a video game character can pay off in a big way for immersion and connection.

So if you’re looking for a cool character name to go along with your cool personality and ultra cool character, keep reading for our list of 40 cool character names

Connect With Your Cool Name

One of the most important aspects of any video game is the connection between the character and the player. A big part of that connection is the character’s name.

A name can set the tone for a character, provide insight into their backstory, and help players feel more connected to them. 

A well-chosen name can make a big difference in how players connect with a character. For example, the name “Nero” immediately sets the stage for a powerful, confident protagonist.

On the other hand, a name like “Link” suggests a brave and heroic figure.

Players can use a character’s name to help them understand who they are and what they’re all about.

A name can also provide clues about a character, so if you’re trying to portray a character that’s “Cool” then you should opt for a Cool name ofcourse.

Choosing The Best Name For Game Immersion

We all know that video games are a form of escapism. They transport us to other worlds where we can be anyone we want to be.

And part of the fun of playing a video game is getting lost in that other world.

But what makes a video game world truly immersive?

One of the key factors is the characters, although in this article we’re only gonna go over the importance of having a cool name. 

If the characters in a game feel like real people, then we as players are more likely to believe in the world they inhabit.

Think about your favorite games. The ones that you really got lost in. Chances are, the characters in those games had great names. That might seem like a small detail, but it’s actually pretty important. 

40 Cool Character Names

  1. Ace 
  2. Angel 
  3. O’Doyle
  4. Baby Beast 
  5. Blue Boomer 
  6. Bravo 
  7. Bullet Cannon 
  8. Chief Cobra 
  9. Crusader 
  10. Dallas 
  11. Diablo 
  12. Echo 
  13. Fury 
  14. Ghost 
  15. Havoc 
  16. Hunter 
  17. Ice 
  18. Joker 
  19. Judge 
  20. Justice 
  21. Kid 
  22. King 
  23. Laser 
  24. Lynch
  25. Agent Assassin
  26. Boomer Butch
  27. Catalyst Chief
  28. Ace Bender
  29. Lynch.
  30. Aspect
  31. Crash Dagger
  32. Darkness Destroyer 
  33. Duke 
  34. Dust 
  35. Havoc 
  36. Big Papa
  37. Kraken
  38. Mad Dog.
  39. Bowser.
  40. Maximo


In conclusion, character names are important in video games because they help players connect with the characters and become invested in the story.

The names listed above were purely thought out for cool characters, but you can still use them to portray other character or personality traits, if you find them useful.

When choosing names for your own video game characters, keep these considerations in mind to create well-rounded and relatable characters that both you and other players you meet along the way will enjoy.