9 Cute Roblox Games

Roblox is one of the most popular multiplayer game platforms that allows playing and game creation at the same time. Ever since its release, Roblox has garnered a lot of popularity in a short period.

The games created on Roblox are coded in Lua, an easy-to-understand code language for anyone looking to create their own cute Roblox game, and with 100 million active users spread across 200 countries, you can be sure to find anything in Roblox. To read more about the history of Roblox, check out this article

Roblox has a lot of genres and themes, and no game is the same. In this article, we are gonna go over fun and cute Roblox games to indulge in, and we have sorted the best ones for you.

Work at a Pizza Place

Work at a Pizza Place - Roblox

If you like arcade-based games, this one is a popular one to consider looking into. This is a roleplaying game where you can play as a chef, cashier or even a delivery guy if you feel like it.

You do get to start with detailed tutorials before you indulge in the game. The game has a lot of different elements to explore

Theme Park Tycoon 2

Theme Park Tycoon 2

The game is highly creative and entertaining at the same time. Players start this game with a piece of land where they can construct their theme park. As the game progresses, the players can earn more money and expand their theme park while they tackle and solve different challenges along the way.

Natural Disaster Survival

Natural Disaster Survival - Roblox

For the players that enjoy cute games on Roblox, Natural Disaster Survival is one worth considering. This is a survival-based game and has similar themes to PUBG.

The characters are very interactive and cute, which is a reason enough for you to get started with the game without any hassle at all.

The players have to implement different survival strategies to protect themselves against floods and earthquakes.



Building and construction games are predominantly popular on Roblox. In this game, the players can build their version of the houses, furniture and other construction elements that they find inviting.

The elements in the game draw inspiration from GTA, so you might find a lot of similarities, which is again quite fun. The roleplay missions are pretty fun in the game as well.

Shindo Life

Shindo Life

Known as Shindo Life 2, the game is based on the life of Naruto, a very popular anime show. The game explores different worlds and is based on different areas and backgrounds that are fun to engage with.

Also, the game is heavily based around a fighting ring, known as Arena, especially involving the Shinobi story involving different communities. The characters in the game are quite cute and fun.

Royale High

Royale High

A very popular game among the girls, Royale High is a high-school role play game. It does use Robloxโ€™s universe and is based across different environments, which makes it an extremely fun game to indulge in.

There are several characters and features involved, including Apartments, Earth, Enchantix High, etc.

Meep City

๐Ÿ’œ MeepCity ๐Ÿ’œ - Roblox

 When talking about the cute Roblox games, thereโ€™s nothing that beats Meep City.

It is a social hangout genre game that has Disney and Club Toontown vibes, something that will make you keep coming back to the game.

You can customize the spots around the game and even the structure and the furniture involved in the area.

Booga Booga

BOOGA BOOGA - 2020 - Roblox

As cute as the name of the game is, Booga Booga is a survival game that you can enjoy on Roblox. The game involves different islands wherein the players have to fight off the invaders and attackers and then collect as many resources as they can to survive.

The game starts simple and without any complications but soon take a turn for a more challenging premise, so be aware of that.

Mirror Muse

Last on the list of cute Roblox games is Mirror Muse. It is a single-player game that involves puzzles using different elements in the game, especially involving lasers and mirrors.

It does require basic knowledge about puzzles, especially if you want to complete them in the first go.

Mirror Muse is actually a classic in Roblox, and if you’re more curious about those titles, you can have a look at our list of the 10 best classic Roblox games here

Roblox is a unique platform that allows you to explore different genres of games, both fun, cute and entertaining.