Does Oculus 2 Come With Any Free Games?

Oculus Quest 2

Similar to the Oculus Quest, this new VR headset is battery-powered, allowing users to roam around with physical ease.

It’s a great feature for digital play spaces, as players won’t have to worry about tripping over a wire, or walking into their bookshelf by accident, oops!

Developed by no other than Facebook Reality Labs, one of the pioneers in the VR space right now. Oculus 2 is the successor to Oculus Quest, the company’s first VR headset.

It was officially unveiled during Facebook Connect 7, and finally released on the 13th of October, 2020. Oculus 2 is the next generation of Virtual Reality that is all-in-one, and it’s fair to say that it pushes the Virtual Reality standard to new heights

The VR headset comes packed with 2 touch-controllers and one of the highest resolution displays in the VR space right now, but more importantly, does it also come with any games?

What Comes With Oculus 2 When You Buy It?

In order to start playing any kind of standalone game on the Oculus Quest 2, one does not have to purchase anything extra.

Buyers will be getting a headset in the box, two controllers, a charger, and also a “glass spacer”. The glass spacer will help the user wear their glasses when they are using the virtual reality headset.

If the player is interested in playing virtual reality games that are computer-based using the Oculus 2, then additional hardware or software is required. Doing thorough research on Google on this topic will give you a better idea of what to do next.

Owners of the Oculus 2 virtual reality headset can also buy a cable such as the USB-C cable to connect the VR headset to the computer. However, keep in mind that the computer also needs a USB-C port.

The Oculus 2 VR headset has a USB-C cable called the link. This cable is on the expensive side but offers a pretty good wireless experience. But there are lots of other economically priced cable options available on Google or Amazon. Users can also buy a virtual desktop app that is available on the Oculus Quest Store.

The Oculus 2 also comes with a short USB-C cable that enables its charging, an elite strap, an elite battery strap, an official add-on head strap, a power adapter, and cables.

Does Oculus 2 Come With Free Games?

The Oculus 2 is surely an incredible device. Although it is not one of the most budget-friendly VR products out there.

However, the games available on the Oculus 2 are much more affordable as compared to typical console titles or PC. Most of the VR games you see today have a price of around $20 each.

Answer: But thankfully, the Oculus 2 does come with an amazing game catalog that includes a dozen of intriguing free games.

Some of these free games are just short demonstrations of virtual reality technology, but fret not, as numerous other free games will allow the Oculus VR headset users to play some fantastic VR games.

The 5 Best Free Games Available Immediately On Oculus 2

  • Rec Room: One of the first games that anyone will play on Oculus 2 will definitely be Rec Room. As it is loaded with lots of unique content and is completely free to play.
  • Bogo: Bogo is one of those VR games on Oculus 2 that will let you feed, pet, and even interact with an adorable virtual pet.
  • Bait: Another comprehensive real VR fishing game is the Bait. Helping the virtual anglers visit different lakes of four kinds to catch rare fish.
  • PokerStars VR: In this popular VR game, gamblers get seated at a table that is inside a bustling casino along with over 100 players at a time.
  • VRChat: From creating an avatar, playing mini-games with one’s friends, to chatting with them, the VRChat app has it all.