Everything We Know About V Rising So Far (Updated)

V Rising is the upcoming open-world, vampire survival game by Swedish game developer Stunlock Studios, and with their recently released gameplay, we couldn’t help making an update on this very thrilling and exciting game.

The V Rising game looks to be set in a gothic open world, where 50 players can enjoy a range of PvE and PvP elements in a king of the hill style game mode.

The game will feature both solo and multiplayer options. SLS has also stated in one of their developer updates, that players can create clans of up to three players. You can then ride out in the world with your bloodthirsty vampire friends and battle monsters and other players.

Ontop of that, the game features building and gathering elements that we will dive into further down.

PvE in V Rising

Hunt for Blood Perks

Vampire hunting for blood in V Rising

The game is set to feature many different PvE elements, such as hunting human NPCs, either turning them into vampires with a bite, or drinking their blood for perks. There are also different blood types, each with its own type of perk. (Note that these are subject to change)

  • Warrior blood: Increased physical damage
  • Rogue blood: Increased movement speed
  • Scholar blood: Increased magic damage
  • Worker blood: Resource gathering benefits

How or if these perks combine or stack, we don’t know yet.

Fighting monsters

Player fighting bear in V Rising
A player fighting a bear in V Rising

The game will feature alot of monsters and beasts for the vampires to battle. We dont know yet what these monsters reward, but one could guess that it would be a mix of experience and resources, possibly items too.

Build Castles

V Rising castle building

In the gameplay trailer we see a vampire gathering wood and stone at different points in the video. Our bet is that these resources will be used by the player to build their vampire castle.

In the video we also hear the following “Rebuild your castle piece by piece and regain power”. 

Stunlock has previously said in a dev blog, that the players can claim lost vampire castle ruins and claim those to rebuild a fresh, new castle where the player can:

  • Stack loot
  • Craft items
  • Host your army of vampire servants to protect your castle
  • Customize the castle, choosing between different types of doors, walls, workstations 
  • Contain coffins for each of your turned vampire servants

I’m sure we’ll hear alot more about these options later on.

PvP in V Rising

Stunlock Studios is famous for their fast paced arena titles Bloodline Champions and Battlerite. SLS recently stated in a developer update that the game is inspired by battlerites combat system, with WASD movement and reactive elements such as dodging and aiming skills.

Not so long ago they released an image of the V Rising UI.. lets have a look and see what this could mean for PvP.

On the right side of the UI, it appears that the player will have spells on left mouse button, right mouse button, random button, Q, E and R. Ontop of that it could look like the player has an ultimate ability like it was seen in Battlerite, or perhaps its some sort of bite attack on the F button.

On the left side it would appear that the player has access to gathering tools, potions and some other utility features.

Factoring in all of this, we can likely expect V Rising to not only be about the PvP. Gathering, building and fighting beasts might be equally important to win the game in this king-of-the-hill style game mode.

Wipe Cycle

Stunlock has stated on discord that Official PvP Servers are likely to have a wipe cycle for the servers to “remain healthy and fresh”. They will be monitoring this implementation during Early Access which starts on May 17.

Other game features

Mounts in V Rising

Vampires riding on horse in V Rising
Vampires riding on a horse

The game will feature mounts. In the gameplay trailer, the vampire players are riding around on horses. The game is likely to have more mount options later on.

Day and Night Cycle

The game will have a day and night cycle. Vampires are known to be vulnerable to sunlight, and V Rising is no exception. Stunlock has said that the game will have a day and night cycle, with different elements for day and night timezones.

Character Customization in V Rising

Yes, you can customize your vampire character. Stunlock Studios has not yet released all the customization options for character creation.

Werewolves in V Rising

Yes. Stunlock Studios has indeed confirmed that the game will feature werewolves. We don’t know yet if these will be player controlled or strictly NPC. We also don’t know how these will look yet.

Is V Rising First Person or Third Person

V Rising will be third person, with a top-down player view. You will be able to rotate the camera 360 degrees, for a full view of the graphically pleasing open world. Hint: This might save you from a gang of vampires trying to gank you from behind.

This has not yet been confirmed

Servers in V Rising

They would like for players to be able to host their own private servers, but are also looking into having public servers.

Will The Game Be Free To Play

Stunlock Studios has stated that V Rising will not be free to play. They plan to release an early access version of the game, and said the following in their official discord server:

“V Rising Early Access will cost 19.99USD/EUR, with regional pricing available through steam! This is the price of Early Access, and it’s very likely that the full release of the game will be more expensive, so this is your opportunity to get our game for less than the full release price. We do not have any intention of making the game free-to-play, this is a premium survival experience.”

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