Fallout 4: How To Throw Grenades

In Fallout 4, grenades are an essential tool for dealing with enemies at a distance. 

While there are many different types of grenades available, the procedure for throwing them is essentially the same for all of them.

For PC gamers:

  • Navigate to your weapons inventory. Look for the grenade you want to throw at the unfortunate fallout citizen.
  • Now, to throw a grenade in Fallout 4, first equip it as you would with any other weapon.┬á
  • Then use the mouse to aim the throw. Make sure that you are aiming your cursor away from any other friendly character or NPC in your vicinity, as grenades have a small blast radius and can damage anyone within range of the explosion.
  • Hold your alt key down (the melee button) until a click is heard (that’s the pin on the grenade). ┬┤Release the alt key, and watch your precious grenade fly through the air – hopefully right into the face of your enemies.

The same steps also goes for Xbox or PS4 gamers, but instead of pressing the “Alt” key, Xbox will press RB, and PS4 will be pressing R1.

Keep in mind that grenades can be dangerous to use, both for you and for your enemies, so make sure to take cover after throwing a grenade, as you will be vulnerable to enemy fire while the grenade is flying to its final destination.

One other thing to note is that friendly fire is a thing in Fallout 4, so be careful not to stand close to the grenade when it detonates, as you can take damage from the blast aswell.