Games like Ameba Pico (With Virtual Pets)

What is Ameba Pico?

Ameba Pico is a virtual pet website that gives you the responsibility of looking after an ameba. There are plenty of internet games out there, but Ameba Pico stands out from the crowd in terms of its innovative navigation and unique ameba design, which was created by former developers of Newgrounds. 

The amebas appear as small, black and white blobs with eyes and a mouth. The player can make them eat, drink, sleep, and even mate.. – just by clicking on the right icons.

Different minigames and features in Ameba Pico

The games on ameba pico are varied, but they all have one thing in common: you’re responsible for the amebas’ well-being. 

One of the most popular features in Ameba pico is called Aqua Life. In Aqua Life, you must keep an ameba alive by feeding it and keeping the water clean. If the ameba dies, you lose the game. 

Other things in Ameba Pico include Pet Hotel, which tasks you with looking after a collection of amebas in a hotel, and Amoeba Race, which is a racing game in which you must guide your ameba to the finish line.

Games like Ameba Pico

If you’re looking for games that are similar to ameba pico, then look no further than the following:

  • Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing reminds us of Ameba Pico because in this game you’re also in charge of providing your pet with the best possible home.

In Animal Crossing you play as a human character in a village of many different animals, that you need to take care of, and can interact with through different activities.

It is a social sim game, developed by the famous Nintendo – which should be somewhat convincing for you to hear if you’re still doubtful about trying Animal Crossing

  • Tamagotchi

Tamagotchi is another famous game with a virtual pet feature, just like Ameba.

Tamagotchi is pretty special, because it was initially released on a handheld, unique device that was specific to the Tamagotchi game. However, it is now also available for mobile phones through appstores if you don’t fancy getting the special device.

  • Nintendogs

Nintendogs is another pet sim created by, you guessed it, NintenDO. Well, to play Nintendogs you need a handheld Nintendo DS.

In Nintendogs you take care of a virtual dog, and must care for everything about the dog – walking, food, and so forth.

It is an excellent game for aspiring dog owners, AND, Ameba Pico fans

  • MySims Kingdom.

MySims Kingdom is a spin-off from the Sims franchise, and is playable on Wii and Nintendo DS.

The game is fairly old, being released in 2008.

In this game, the player is in the role of a king, who is tasked with different assignments in the kingdom with one end goal: To bring happiness and joy back to his kingdom.

The player must build homes, structures and much more for the islanders living in his kingdom – much like Ameba.


Ameba Pico was unique for its time, and it will be hard to find games that are similar to it these days.

However, we hope that our list of 4 similar games to Ameba Pico has helped you out!