5 Games Like Disgaea If You’re A Fan Of J-RPGs

Disgaea is a series which is known for its tactical role playing experience. It has managed to grow a lot over the years, and if you are into JRPG titles, this is certainly something you do not want to miss.

People love Disgaea because it’s fun and offers some amazing combat, but there are many other Games like Disgaea you can try out if you want. It all comes down to the style of games you want, and there are no shortage of options.

Agarest Generations of War

Credit: Laughing Jackal

This is one of the Games like Disgaea that a lot of people love because it has a similar style, you have a large party and an engaging story. The game also has a sequel, so if you like this one, you can check out the second one too for even more fun gameplay.

Legend of Ixtona

Credit: WorldWideSoftware

Another one in our Games like Disgaea list is Legends of Ixtona. The game has turn based strategies and classic anime visuals.

The game is a blast to play through, and a lot of people love just how interesting and enticing the experience is here. Overall, it’s a great game in the vein of Disgaea.


Credit: Crasleen Games

Warbanners has a hex styled approach, but the core gameplay overlaps alot with Disgaea. It does take a bit to learn the ropes, but the deep RPG elements and unique visual style will set it apart for sure. The gameplay itself can get abit hectic, but then again, that’s what this type of game is all about after all.

Grotesque Tactics Evil Heroes

Credit: Silent Dreams

The game is a tactical RPG and shares alot of elements with Disgaea mixed some with more western game features. This is actually great, because it adds up to really convey a unique and interesting experience.

It’s more of a parody, but one that’s really well built and with some fun features. Grotesque Tactics Evil Heroes also has a sequel if you find this one entertaining.

Holy Avatar vs Maidens of the Dead

Credit: Silent Dreams

Holy Avatar definitely brings in the fun gameplay from Disgaea, while also offering some creative graphics and unique locations to explore.

One thing is certain, these Games like Disgaea are a blast to play and if you’re truly into the JRPG genre and all of its amazing gameplay (and weirdness), these games are sure to be worth your time

The tactical, strategic gameplay is very sound, and you will be quite amazed with the incredible ideas they showcase with all these games!