5 Games Like Evolve If You Love Monster Games

Evolve is one of those games that was incredibly interesting from the start since it had a new concept. The idea here is to cooperate with friends while trying to eliminate the enemies you face. Evolve stood out because of the ability to play as a monster, which is something we last saw in the Left 4 Dead game series by the same developer.

There are lots of games like Evolve you can play, albeit with their own twist.


Credit: Behaviour Interactive

Deathgarden reminds us of Evolve, and the gameplay is super similar. They added some twists and turns in there, but if you are a fan of Evolve you will find the game to be quite interesting in a lot of places. It will take some trial and error to get started, but it’s fun for sure.

Dead By Daylight

Credit: Behaviour Interactive

Dead By Daylight is similar to Evolve in the sense that you play a killer trying to eliminate survivors. And yes, the gameplay is really similar, although here you have a much larger range of killers. Many of them come from popular horror titles, so you will surely enjoy your time with them.

Left 4 Dead / Back 4 Blood

Credit: Turtle Rock Studios

Both of these are great zombie games where you can play cooperatively, and there are also modes where you can play as a zombie. It’s not really the same gameplay all the time, but it’s definitely filling in that gap, and you will be quite impressed with it.


Credit: Digital Confectioners

Depth is a game where you have a team of divers trying to acquire items in the game world, whereas a shark or two will try to eat them. It’s definitely in the vein of games like Evolve, and the fact that you are underwater certainly adds to the experience while offering plenty of innovation and creative ideas.


Credit: World Makers

Deceit is a great game where you will need to test out your mechanical skills against other players. It’s a free game that will certainly test you and your skills, but it’s very good and it regularly has updates to improve the general game experience and content.

The End

There’s no denying that not all games like Evolve will maintain the same formula, but there are definitely variations and things to check out.

You will surely like just how immersive and fun these things can really be, so it’s a great idea to give them a try for yourself and see which ones you enjoy!