7 Games Like Monster Rancher (Monsters & Creatures)

The world of monsters and mythological creatures will always be fascinating and intriguing.

It is a fantasy world where you can summon magical creatures, play with them, fight alongside them, and nurture them.

This is perhaps why, like Monster Rancher, there are many games where we can raise strong animals, creatures, or monsters, and play and fight alongside them.

As we said earlier, if games with magical creatures are your niche, then browsing and selecting the best one is a rather difficult choice.

So here is a specially curated list just for you to find your favorite game among those that share some of the same features as Monster Rancher.

About Monster Rancher

Monster Rancher is set in a fantasy universe in which players take on the role of monster breeders.

A world that was peaceful until the ‘disc stones’ were mistakenly broken, allowing deadly monsters to disrupt tranquil human existence until brave warriors arrived and put an end to the monstrosity. Monsters are now more docile, and they are bred by monster breeders and well-trained by them to fight in battles where they may exhibit their abilities and defeat their opponents.

Though Monster Rancher is often confused with Pokemon, which also have a similar plotline and dynamics, Monster Rancher belongs to the animal breeding genre and also has exciting action sequences. To see our list of popular breeding games with emphasis on genetics and monster breeding, check out these games

So now let’s look into some of the games which are similar to the monster rancher and are equally entertaining. 

1. Pokemon Platinum

Source: IGDB

Release Year: 2008

Key Features

  • Available on Nintendo DS.
  • Based on the famous Pokemon world.
  • Train and level up the Pokemon.


The Pokemon universe is well-known, not only in cartoons but also in video games. Pokemon has a devoted following that is still active.

As you might expect, in this game, you will train and care for your Pokemon before using it in battles against other Pokemon you may discover along the route or other trainers.

Because both Pokemon and Monster Ranch entail leveling up creatures to employ them in combat, they have a lot in common. Pokemon Platinum, unlike Monster Ranch, does not involve breeding and is more of a role-playing game.

2. Digimon World Re: Digitize

Source: IGDB

Release Year: 2012

Key Features

  • Available on PlayStation Portable, and Nintendo 3DS.
  • Retrieving powerful digimons and making them allies to fight in digimon battles.


Digimon World is set in a world where the protagonist is tasked with rescuing Digimons that have turned feral and perform vicious attacks on once tranquil cities.

When the player retrieves the Digimon, he also makes them an ally, which will aid him in saving and taming other Digimon, and eventually using them against the main adversary Analogman.

3. Shepherd’s Crossing

Source: IGDB

Release Year: 2003

Key Features

  • Available in PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable
  • As a player, some of your tasks include breeding and raising farm animals.


Though the game’s title suggests that it is a farming game, which it is, it is not your typical farming game.

Shepherd’s Crossing is a farming game where the player is entrusted with constructing and safeguarding the farm and rearing the farm animals. It has an adventurous action twist to it.

Like any other actual farm, the farm in this game is highly susceptible and attracts predators, and the player’s job is to defend the farm from attacks using the animals.

You’ll be rearing some vicious and intriguing farm animals in this game!

4. Jade Cocoon 2

Source: IGDB

Release Year: 2001

Key Features

  • Available on PlayStation 2.
  • The beast hunters will raise and use the beasts in fights.


The sequel to Jade Cocoon is Jade Cocoon 2. The Cocoon Master or the Beast Hunters raise the monsters that will be employed in battles in this game. However, you’ll need a beast hunter license to raise the monsters.

Kahu, the protagonist of the sequel edition, encounters obstacles and is cursed, preventing him from obtaining a license and dying earlier. With the assistance of the previous protagonist, Levant of Jade Cocoon, Kahu embarks on a quest to gather four mystical orbs that will aid him in breaking the curse.

5. Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker

Source: IGDB

Release Year: 2006

Key Features

  • Available on Nintendo DS.
  • The player captures the monsters and trains them to fight in battles.


Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker is a popular role-playing game in which the protagonist engages in combat and captures powerful monsters that can be used to fight other players.

The protagonist’s ambition is to become the most famous and powerful monster trainer in the world.

Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker is an intriguing role-playing game with a compelling tale and powerful creatures that players may control.

6. Monster Galaxy

Source: IGDB

Release Year: 2010

Key Features

  • Available as a browser game
  • Includes powerful monster battles
  • Creatures represent zodiac signs, such as Aries, Taurus, and Capricorn


Monster Galaxy shares many similarities with games like Monster Rancher and Pokemon, but it’s also quite different.

Unlike Monster Rancher and Pokemon, the adorable yet formidable creatures featured in the games have unique characteristics based on their astrological signs. Though they can all be leveled up, each has its characteristics, so it’s up to the players to figure out when and when to deploy which animals to win the game.

7. Haypi Monster 3

Source: IGDB

Release Year: 2014

Notable Features

  • Available in Android and iOS.
  • Form teams of monsters and train them
  • Breed more powerful monsters


Haypi Monster 3 is a wild game set in the world of monsters, in which the player must assemble a powerful team of monsters, breed them, and adequately train them to defeat rival monster teams.

Unlike the other games on this list, the battles in Haypi Monster are between monsters rather than players. Players can amass hundreds of monsters through evolution, breeding, and synthesis and assemble their fantasy team.

Final Words

Monster Rancher is a fun and exciting game where players can breed and nurture charming but deadly monsters to fight other monsters in battles. Despite being a relatively underestimated game, Monster Rancher has a devoted following, evidenced by the several sequels.

Have you been able to figure out your favorite game like Monster Rancher from this list?

If so, which one is your personal favorite?