5 Interactive Games Like Spent

Spent is a popular online game based on surviving homelessness and poverty. Well-renowed for its groundbreaking interactive gameplay, Spent is a popular

The game was created by the famous media agency, McKinney. The story of this game revolves around the protagonist. The ultimate task of the protagonist is to look for a job, purchase a home, and also earn money as a part of a survival plan in a brutal city environment.

Here are the 5 games like Spent you should know about

  1. NationStates
  2. Choice of the Dragon
  3. Sara is Missing
  4. The Idle RPG
  5. Progress Quest


  • Gameplay: In this game, the player will have to select as well as set up his nation. The player will be expected to get into the world to take good care of his people. He will have to answer short questions related to civil rights, freedom, and the economy.

Key features:

  • Multiplayer Government Simulation: The game offers multiplayer government simulation.
  • Multiple Choice Gameplay: The player will have to complete the game by answering some great multiple-choice questions.
  • Variety Of Fun-Filled Levels: The game offers a variety of levels where each level offers outstandingly challenging gameplay.

Choice Of The Dragon

  • Choice Of The Dragon is a game that was published and developed by Choice Of Games LLC. The game targets both iOS and Android users, and enables players to unlock achievements, earn experience points, complete objectives, and do more.
  • Gameplay: The game puts players in a fire-breathing dragon’s role who sleeps on gold, and kidnaps princesses from their castles. The ultimate goal of the player is to navigate the globe, dominate all the kingdoms, loot, pillage resources, and defeat enemy waves.

Key features:

  • Text-Based Elements: All the elements of this game are text-based.
  • Single Player Role-Playing Game: This is a popular single-player game wherein the player has to roleplay a dragon.
  • Multiple Choices: The game offers its players multiple choice questions along with unique answers in order to keep progressing in the game.

Sara Is Missing

  • Sara Is Missing is another popular game developed by Kaigan Games. The story basically revolves around a female character Sara, who has disappeared.
  • Gameplay: In this game, the player has to play the role of a protagonist whose ultimate goal is to find Sara. The player has found a phone that belongs to a person missing called Sara. From investing clues, emails, videos, pictures, or even messages, one might have to recover data to uncover secrets.

Key features:

  • Single-Player Simulation: This player is a single-player simulation game.
  • Simulate Phone Helper: One of the best features of this game is that it is a simulated phone helper.
  • Multiple Choices & Endings: The player can chat with multiple people, and receive videos, and photos from NPCs. With multiple choices that could lead to multiple endings.

The Idle RPG

  • The Idle RPG is an addictive game with gameplay similar to Spent, Godville, and Progress Quests.
  • Gameplay: Once the player has selected his gender and name in the game, the match will begin. The player will have to slaughter various animals and show off their strength by completing some hilarious quests.

Key features:

  • Different Character Classes: The game has different character classes such as Ranger, Wizard, etc.
  • Different Races: The game has different races such as Hobbit, Dwarf, etc.
  • Loot Resources: They can use loot resources to gather gold and upgrade their weapons.

Progress Quest

  • Progress Quest is a game by Eric Fredrickson, where players can set up their artificial character without any user interaction.
  • Gameplay: In Progress Quest, the player needs to buy simple spells and armor, encounter monsters and also gain experience points.

Key features:

  • Text-Based: This is a famous text-based game.
  • Different Realms: Consists of 5 different realms like Spoleto and Pemptus amongst others.
  • Rewards Fantastic Weapons: Rewards fantastic weapons so one progresses in-game.

Final Words

Spent is a great game to play as it teaches players how to make the right choices for a better living within a stipulated budget.

Playing games like Spent will only increase the knowledge of its players, teach them about practical life basics, and develop a strong foundation that they can cherish for life.