80 Garchomp Nicknames To Choose From (Best, Creative, Unique)

So you’ve managed to find a Gible and evolved it to Garchomp, and now you want to give your new Pokémon a suitable nickname?


To get started, we first need to look at where the Garchomp name originated from, and how we can use this information to choose and style our own Garchomp nickname

Garchomp Name Origin

According to Bulbapedia, there seems to be some speculation about the origin of the Garchomp name. There are several logical name theories, such as a combination of the word Carcharias (a genus of sand tiger sharks), Chomp and possibly Gargoyle or Gargantuan

By looking at the Garchomp’s physical appearance, you can see that it has defining traits from a wyvern, various sharks (specifically the hammerhead), and dinosaurs. These traits can help us understand why and where the idea of the Garchomp name originated from.

Keep the above in mind for the next chapter

Choosing The Best Garchomp Nickname

When choosing the best Garchomp nickname, these are the things you want to keep in mind

  • What type of Pokémon is it? Garchomp is a Dragon/Ground pokémon
  • What abilities does it have? Garchomp’s primary abilities are Sand Veil and Rough Skin
  • What does the Pokémon look like? As we said before, Garchomp’s physical appearance seems to be inspired by sharks, dinosaurs, and wyverns.

With that in mind, here’s our favorite Garchomp nicknames for you to choose from

  • Sharknado (A combination of the word “Shark” and “Tornado”. Also a reference to the famous movie titled “Sharknado”)
  • WMDChomp (Weapon of mass destruction. Yes, we do believe Garchomp has the capability to live up to that name)
  • Hammerbolt (A reference to Garchomps physical appearance. Hammer is short for Hammerhead, and bolt because of its powerful moveset)
  • Dinoseler (“Dino” for dinosaur)
  • Dropasaur (“Drop” because Garchomp absolutely destroys his opponents, and “Saur” because of his Dinosaur appearance)
  • Dragonsand (A combination of his Pokémon type “Dragon” and one of his main abilities Sand Veil)
  • Groundskinned (Same as above)
  • Sharkoran (A reference to his physical appearance, with “oran” added at the end to make it sound cooler)
  • Dragoo (The shortest name on the list, because nicknames don’t always have to be lenghty to scare off enemies)
  • Drakeveil (A combination of “Drake” and another reference to his ability to Sand Veil)
  • Chompoah

Best Garchomp Nicknames according to Tumblr

According to Tumblr, these are the most popular user-picked nicknames for Garchomp

  • Jawesome (A fun combination of Jaw and Awesome)
  • Sharkesha (For female Garchomps)
  • Sharkskin (A reference to the ability Rough Skin. A great example of how looking at the abilities of a Pokémon can be helpful in choosing a cool nickname)

Best Garchomp Nicknames according to Reddit

According to Reddit, these are the best and most upvoted user-picked nicknames for Garchomp (Not gender-specific)

  • Gabbie
  • Sandy
  • Gabette
  • Torpedo
  • Cynthia
  • Samehada (Sword in Naruto that means Shark Skin)
  • Chomp
  • Fafnir
  • Sharkboy
  • Lavagirl
  • Sharky
  • Land Shark
  • Chomp Chomp
  • Tremors 1
  • Gibbs
  • SharpShark
  • Bruce
  • Sharkeisha
  • Frieza (In Japan, a Frieza were refered to as Land Sharks)
  • Landbite
  • Chain Chomp (A reference to the Mario game)
  • Poseidon
  • Nibbles
  • Cookie
  • Fuzzles
  • Pookie
  • Chompers
  • Togepi
  • Hailey

Best Male Garchomp Nicknames

If you’ve managed to evolve your Gible into a Male Garchomp, then these are the best nicknames we recommend

  • Super Jaw
  • Mr. Sharkie
  • Sharkboi
  • Beerchomp
  • Mr. Rough (Reference to the ability Rough Skin)
  • Palpatine (Serial killer reference)
  • Sharkgon
  • Chompie
  • MisterDrago
  • Dragonister
  • Dhomp
  • Dragoboy

Best Female Garchomp Nicknames

  • Mirth
  • Jawhole
  • Sistragon
  • MissyDraky
  • Shedrake
  • Velvetto
  • Niela
  • Chompina
  • Garlissy
  • Dragoora
  • Sandie
  • Storm

Unique Nicknames For Garchomp

When choosing a unique and original name for your Garchomp, you need to come up with something that hasn’t been invented before. This can be very tricky, since there are so many Pokémon players who’ve already nicknamed their Garchomp.

However, there are some things you can think of when trying to come up with your own unique Garchomp nickname:

  • Your interests and hobbies. Your interests and hobbies probably differ from other players, so adding this to your nickname will increase your chances of coming up with something unique and original.
  • Your own given name. Your name is different from other players. Take advantage of this by using a few letters or even the full name to make it sound personal and special.
  • Your country and gender. Gamers like to add their country tag to the end of their names. This is also a way to signal to other players that you want to connect socially. Who knows, your Pokémon battle opponent might be from the same country as you!

If I wanted to make examples based on myself and the above things, then my unique Garchomp nickname could be

  • Danishdragon
  • Jackyshark
  • Garjack
  • Gamerchomp
  • Jackthegarchomp

Creative Nicknames For Garchomp

When trying to come up with a creative name for your Garchomp, there’s some specific things you can consider:

  • Make it funny. Creative names are usually remembered because of how other players see them. If you come up with a funny nickname for your Garchomp that makes other Pokémon players laugh when they read it, you’ll know you’ve come up with a creative nickname.
  • Take inspiration from the word “Creative”. The word creative usually refers to something that is unique, innovative and clever. This means coming up with a nickname that is fresh and original.
  • Use unrelated words. If you want to surprise people with your creative nickname, you can use words that are unrelated to the Pokémon universe. Words like Elite, Mystic, Combat, Elegant, Nougat are fun words to throw into your nickname to make it sound creative.

Our list of Creative Garchomp Nicknames

  • Mr Mystigar
  • Badass Dragoon
  • Sharktooth
  • Mr Destruction
  • Gary
  • Shark Muffin
  • Chompbob