How to fly a plane in Roblox Plaza

Roblox Plaza

Roblox Plaza is a Roblox social multiplayer game. Roblox Plaza lets you hang out with your Roblox friends and other Roblox players as you explore the headquarters, watch live concerts, and play games together.

Created in 2017, the game mode is now being redesigned for 2021. Among other things, it has an arcade filled with classic Roblox games and lots of social opportunities.

If you want to be the best Roblox pilot out there, here are some helpful tips on how to fly a plane in Roblox Plaza.

Flying a plane in Roblox Plaza

Once you have your plane, follow these easy steps:

  • “Left Shift Key” or “Right Mouse Button” on your keyboard until the game starts
  • To gain speed and keep up with other planes during the race, use your “Spacebar”.
  • To brake while flying, either press “Z” or “Spacebar”.
  • To move your plane sideways and avoid the breakable walls on Roblox Plaza, use your arrow keys on the keyboard.

And that’s it.

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