How To Get Rid of Tattoos in GTA 5

GTA 5 is the fifth game in the Grand Theft Auto game series.

And like the other games in the series, it provides endless ways to customize your character. One feature that’s unique to GTA 5 is tattoos.

Yes, you read that correctly. In GTA 5 it’s possible to get tattoos at an actual, local Los Santos tattoo parlor.

And although tattoos usually are meant to be permanent pieces of art, you might have found out that the tattoo just doesn’t match your characters style or personality.

So just like in real life, you can pay money to have the tattoo removed again. This is a simple process in GTA 5.

To have your tattoos removed in GTA 5, do the following:

Removing Tattoos in GTA 5

  • Go into ANY Los Santos tattoo parlor/store
  • Select the tattoo and placement you already have, and want to remove
  • Click on it and it’ll remove the tattoo

And that’s it.

We hope this very simple tutorial helped you get rid of any unwanted tattoos for your GTA character.