How To Import Your Crosshair To Aim Lab

Being a fairly new aimtrainer, Aim Lab doesn’t come with a customizable crosshair option.

This can be an issue for players looking to work on their aim, because their main game usually has a different crosshair from the standard one they get in Aim Lab.

To make sure your aimtraining is as efficient as possible, it’s ideal to find a way to import your own crosshair. Whether this is the one you use in Valorant, CSGO, or any other game where aiming is a crucial part of your success.

Here’s how to create your own crosshair image and import it into your AimLab client

Step-by-step to creating and importing your own crosshair

  1. Open your game where you want to use the crosshair from (Valorant in this example)
  2. Take a screenshot of your crosshair (Print + Screen)
  3. Go into an image editing software like Photoshop or any other free alternative
  4. Paste the screenshot of your crosshair into the editing software (Important: Make sure the Canvas you paste onto is 1920×1080, otherwise you may get a blurry crosshair)
  5. Create a new layer above it
  6. Find and use the “Rectangle Shape Tool” to recreate the crosshair
  7. Save the image again as a PNG and import the image to AimLab via the dropdown menu, as shown in the image below