Steam Library: How To Rename Games (2 Solutions)

It’s 2022, and players have collected a ton of games in their steam account throughout the years

“X Game – Winter Edition”, “X Game – Early Version” and so forth. Annoying and difficult to sort for any gamer who’s just a little serious about having their collection tidy and sorted

With these solutions you’ll be able to rename steam games to whatever you prefer

Maybe you have 3 different expansions of the same game and want to rename them 1, 2, 3

Whatever the reason, let’s get into these two simple solutions we’ve found

Solution 1

For this solution you’re gonna have to download a simple editing software called AkelPad. More on that below

  • Exit the Steam Client

  • Navigate to the Steam folder through this path “Steam/Appcache/Appinfo.VDF”. Download AkelPad so you can access the VDF files.
  • Right click Appinfo.VDF and “Open As” with Akelpad.

  • Once done, CTRL+F (Search) the opened file for the game you want to rename. Important: The current name of the game is the name that comes after “Common name”. If you see “Common Name” before the name you searched for, then you know that you have the correct one.
  • After changing the name. Click “File” and “Save As”
  • Launch Steam again. You should now be able to see the changed names

Solution 2

Apparently, in more recent time, a developer came up with a quick fix

All you have to do is download the SteamEdit software from

We haven’t tested this solution ourselves, but the site has thorough instructions