In What Order Should You Play the Dark Souls Franchise?

The Souls Series

Dark Souls, or as some call it, the Soulsborne games, is a challenging, visually aesthetic game series. Originally developed by From Software and published by Namco Bandai Games.

Set in an atmosphere of dark dungeons and featuring some difficult, scary boss fights, the games have drawn a lot of traction from both casual gamers and more hardcore gamers.

The games are based on some amazing stories that are connected in specific ways through the franchise. Therefore you must play these in the best possible order.

This allows you to progress in the universe in a way where the stories and fights continue to build on top of each other, through in-game references and hints.

The number 1 reason for the order we’re about to dive into is “Refinement of game mechanics”.

This means that the challenging mechanics you’ll encounter continue to become better and mechanically difficult for the player to execute.

So let’s have a look

In What Order Should You Play Dark Souls?

  • Dark Souls

The first one. Dark Souls 1 was released in 2011 and featured more spells, classes and weaponry. It was the spiritual successor to the developers brainchild “Demon’s Souls”. The mechanics in Dark Souls 1 are challenging, yet lackluster when compared to the newer versions. For the sake of story and game history, we suggest you play the original one first.

  • Dark Souls 2

Another story is based in the kingdom of Drangleic. Dark Souls 2 again featured newer pleasing mechanics and fights. Some players argue that the story in Dark Souls 2 is somewhat isolated from the other 2 games, but we still suggest you play the second one if you’re really trying to grasp what the Dark Souls hype was all about.

  • Dark Souls 3

The newest Dark Souls game. Faster-paced gameplay, harder mechanics, and up-to-date graphics. This one should be the last one you play. This way you’ll notice the small quality of life changes and upgrades that were lacking in the first two games.