Is PC Gaming Easier Than Console? (Objective Answer)

PC Gaming, Playstation, Xbox, Wii, Nintendo Switch

Those are the most popular gaming devices today, amassing hundreds of millions of daily players from all over the world

Today, some of the most popular games such as Fortnite and FIFA, are playable on both PC and Console, and you can often find Console and PC players in the same multiplayer games, playing against eachother

Gaming is also becoming increasingly competitive, with Esport events drawing in millions of fans annually

This begs the question:

Is PC Easier Than Console?

For this particular question we’re only gonna discuss FPS games. It’s important to note that the answer can vary from individual titles

Mouse and Keyboard (PC) versus Game controller (Console)


Mouse and Keyboard is the standard gaming option for PC gamers.

A keyboard has a total of 104 buttons, although you probably only use around 20 or less of those in FPS gaming.

A mouse is directed through the wrist and elbow, and your ingame performance depends heavily on your ability to react fast and precisely with it


Playstation and Xbox uses a game controller – a handheld device

An Xbox controller has 11 different buttons, two analog triggers and two analog sticks

A Playstation controller has 13 different buttons and two analog sticks


Both PC and Console controls require two hands to perform well in games

They are both connected to a monitor through the device

Your performance in games using both devices require you to react fast


A PC Keyboard has alot more button combinations than a Console controller.

A Console controller can have much longer sequences of button combinations because of the fewer buttons. You rarely see this on PC

On PC, the aim is directed through the mouse with your wrist and elbow

On Console, the aim is directed through the thumb on the analog sticks, and there’s less room to move around.

Conclusion & Answer

Answer: No. In general PC gaming is harder than console, but console is harder to play for casual gamers. This is because PC gaming has more complexity, individual customization and a higher skill-cap for Pro gamers.


  • Clicking speed with a PC Mouse itself is a common skill indicator in games today. If you can click and perform actions with your mouse in a fast manner, then you can outplay your opponents by getting more things done in the same timeframe as them. This is not a factor for console gamers
  • With a PC mouse, you can make larger and more advanced movements on the mousepad. You can also adjust the speed of your cursor to your personal preferences. This opens up to more customization and testing once you become a regular PC gamer
  • You see PC gaming pros today experiment and speculate in new settings, for both mouse, keyboard, monitor, and other PC specs all the time, and because of this they need to be able to adapt a lot more than console gamers
  • For the casual gamer, consoles can feel harder in the beginning. It can be difficult to navigate the analog sticks with your thumbs for aiming because you have so little room to move around.