Multiversus Codes – All Working Codes (August 2022)

MultiVersus codes can lead to some amazing cosmetic items within the MultiVersus game. Get rid of your boring, standard skins and redeem codes to find epic and unique cosmetics, banners and profile icon that lets you improve the appeareance of your favorite Multiversus character and personal account.

Despite MultiVersus being a new game, and one that is still in beta, we have already managed to find the newest codes available by exploring the Multiversus community across the internet.

It was a big surprise to gamers everywhere, when MultiVersus made its first appearance at the biggest eSport fighting event of the year. To celebrate that, they released a code specifically for the event

Multiversus Codes (Active)

Last checked on August 17.

There are currently no active codes for the Multiversus beta.

Multiversus Codes (Inactive)

How To Redeem A Multiversus Code

Image showing where to enter the Multiversus code to redeem unique rewards

Important (Stated on the Multiversus website): “To be able to redeem the code, you need to have Multiversus installed and must have been signed into the game atleast once”

To redeem a code in Multiversus, all you need to do is

  • Make sure you have an active multiversus account. If you don’t, you can create one here
  • Head to the official Multiversus redeem section as seen in the image above
  • Enter the code from our list
  • Log into the game again, and you should now be able to see the cosmetic item you just redeemed with the code
Image showing rewards after a code has been redeemed on the official Multiversus website

How To Find More Multiversus Codes

To make sure you don’t miss any new codes for MultiVersus, you want to be on the lookout in most of the official MultiVersus gaming communities:

  • The official MultiVersus Twitter Account
  • The official MultiVersus Discord
  • The official MultiVersus Facebook Page
  • Future eSport events where MultiVersus is one of the games being played. Like with EVO 2022, we anticipate that codes will be handed out for future events aswell.
  • In the MultiVersus section on you can sometimes find content creators with codes they have been given to hand out to MultiVersus players. Content creators are usually given these codes by the developers to hand out to their viewers.
  • On youtube, you can be lucky to find codes on new creator videos. Usually developers will have codes for both twitch and youtube content creators, for them to hand out to their fanbase..