36 Necromancer Names That Will Make You Powerful (Funny & Famous)

The Necromancer is one of the most famous fantasy classes to exist in games today, and with good reason.

Some of the most well-known abilities of the Necromancer include powerful spells, resurrecting the dead, and playing around with a mighty undead army.

And yes, that’s a lot of power in one place, so of course you’re gonna need a name for your Necromancer that goes hand in hand with that.

What Does The Necromancer Do?

In games today, the Necromancer can have vastly different abilities depending on what game you’re playing.

Usually, Necromancer abilities revolve around themes such as death, wizardry, spellcasting, summoning skeletons and commanding them around in armies.

The Necromancer is usually a magician specific to the dark arts. Summoning undead beings, or communicating with the spirit realm is not unheard of among Necromancers. Their special skills are often oriented toward “Death magic”.

Some notable games where you can find the Necromancer class include:

  • Diablo
  • Loop Hero
  • Heroes of Might and Magic
  • Necropolis
  • Sacrifice
  • Divinity Original Sin 2
  • Everquest
  • Guild Wars 1
  • Path of Exile

What Is A Good Necromancer Name?

To choose a good name for your Necromancer, there’s a few things you should consider:

  • What game are you playing as a Necromancer? Your necromancer name should be unique to the game you’re playing, and the role you have in that specific game.
  • Consider the general Necromancer themes such as Death, Skeletons, Ressurection, and Magic spells. Perhaps other traits make the Necromancer unique to the game you’re playing?
  • Make it funny. Opting for a funny name is a good way to bond with other players and create lasting friendships ingame. Maybe roleplaying is your thing, in which case you might wanna tone the funny part down a bit.

Good Necromancer names

  • Sivas The Undead
  • Grothik The Decayer
  • Tjistik The Darkhearted
  • Lithoma Crowturd
  • Laitos Deathfoot
  • “Your name” the Reviver
  • Lowicrux Blacketh
  • Moxxis The Corpsemaker
  • Nialix The Unliving
  • Anibras The Shadowed

Funny Necromancer Names

If you’re going for a name that’s more fun and joyful (Hard to say that when you’re a Necromancer, eh?) then you can swap the words out for less dark and gruesome words. Maybe even combine words to make it sound more humorous. To make up your own funny necromancer name, here’s a few tips:

  • Think of famous TV shows or movies where there’s a funny character involved. Can you take that name and combine it with something more suitable for a Necromancer?
  • Use plain, funny words. Fart, burp, oops.
  • Think of famous living people and look for ways to include their names in your Necromancer name.

Here’s a collection of some funny necromancer names to choose from:

  • BonerJams
  • Cyst
  • Bob
  • ScaryBoneMan
  • BoneDaddy
  • Jon Bonis
  • BoneJour
  • OrganDonator
  • BoneManager
  • DeadGuy101
  • PepeTheUndead
  • GetRektOMancer
  • Mr Spook
  • Miss Bone
  • Vladimir Boneful
  • Ghouldan
  • Suger Deady
  • NeckRomancer
  • Napoleon Bone Aparté
  • I Raised Your Bones
  • UsedToBeMortal
  • DieForMePlease
  • Necrothing
  • Tom Boney
  • Very Late Healer
  • Recycling Bones
  • Keanu Weavers
  • Tomb Hanks
  • Bonenana
  • Uncle Fester

Famous Necromancer Names

Famous necromancers are usually NPCs in some of the most popular gaming titles. By looking at some of the most famous necromancers it’s possible to find inspiration for your own Necromancer name.

One of the most famous Necromancers to exist in games is Helman Ghorst who were a part of the Total War: Warhammer series.

While Total War: Warhammer went on to become a popular gaming title, Helman Ghorst also has a very unique name that might have made it more memorable for players (In turn making him famous).

By looking at his name, it’s easy to speculate that his last name “Ghorst” is a funny variation of “Ghost”.

Here’s some other notable Necromancers: