Pokémon Go: A Closer Look At Perrserker

Released way back in 2016, Pokémon Go is still one of the most popular games in the world.

It’s a game that has engrossed the players with countless hundreds of hours of gameplay, discoveries and a bunch of cute Pokémon to collect.

While everyone else out there is hunting for Pikachu, Charizard or Gyarados, we’re here today to talk about a fairly rare, yet wonderful Pokémon called Perrserker!

Perrserker is a bipedal feline Pokémon that evolves from Meowth. Persian also evolves from Meowth, but like that Pokémon; Perrserker still remains standing on two legs even after the evolution from Meowth. This brown colored Viking feline is a Steel type Pokémon with a large beard and sharp teeth and claws.

Perrserker isn’t just a cutie though, it’s also one of the toughest Pokémon you can find.

Let’s get right into the details about Perrserker.

How To Get Perrserker

It’s not very difficult to get Perrserker in Pokemon Go, that’s for sure! The Perrserker in Pokemon Go will only evolve from Galarian Meowth, to do so you must give it 50 Meowth Candy for the evolution to happen. The somewhat grinding part is finding Galarian Meowth itself. The Kantian Meowth can be found pretty much anywhere, but Galarian Meowth can only be found by hatching certain 7 KM eggs. Once you do that, you will get the Galarian Meowth and afterwards, all you need to do is give it the Meowth Candy which you can acquire as a normal type Kantian Meowth.

How Rare Is Perrserker

In all honesty, Perrserker isn’t the rarest Pokemon at all. In fact, Perrserker is an insanely good Pokemon for many different sorts of situations.

It’s an overlooked Pokemon due to the fact that there are other strong Steel type Pokemons, such as Aegislash or Empoleon. So while Perreserker may be a Pokemon you rarely see in action, it’s still a readily available Pokemon that you can most likely create quite easily!

It’s got a 50-50 chance of being either a male or female, but both of those variants are just as good with no disadvantages from either side.

So in summary, Perrserker’s rarity is quite low.

Best Moveset for Perrserker

When it comes to PvP, Perrserker’s best move set is by far having its two most iconic moves in tandem!

Metal Claw and Iron Head in combination can be absolutely destructive, especially when going against opponents inside of Gyms. This move set combo has the overall highest DPS that you can find with Perrserker, and is highly effective in PvP in particular.

However, if you’re looking for something more adept to PvE with an insane amount of damage while also defending yourself from incoming damage; try using Metal Claw in combination with Play Rough. These two will usually guarantee a 100% defense rating when playing in PvE, while in PvP you would just need more damage than defensive capabilities.

Perrserker vs Persian

This is perhaps the easiest comparison to date, when putting both of these Pokemon against each other; Persian basically stands no chance. Persian is a great Pokemon, don’t get me wrong; but it’s nowhere near the same power levels as Perrserker.

To start off with Persian, it’s immune to Ghost type attacks and it’s weak to Fighting type attacks. That’s all there is to say about Persian.

Now, Perrserker is weak to Fighting, Ground and Fire type attacks, but it’s resistant to Normal, Flying, Rock, Bug, Steel, Grass, Psychic, Ice, Dragon and Fairy type attacks. Not to mention, it’s completely immune to Poison. Perrserker has a much larger list of defense!

Perrserker is a tad slower than Persian in its attack and defense speed, but only by 5 points in Defense and 10 points in Attack. However, it has 5 more HP points than Persian, 40 more Attack points and 40 more Defense points! So in most cases, Perrserker can defend against any of Persian’s oncoming attacks, and you can quite literally massacre it in only one hit.

Perrserker can essentially tank almost all of Persian’s stabs, and attacks, not to mention take it out it one of its heavy combo attacks. That already makes Perrserker much stronger than Persian in any regard. Not to mention, Perrserker can even tank a couple of Persian’s most powerful attacks such as DIG or Burning Jealousy without going down!

In a battle of attrition, Perrserker wins easily!

Perrserker’s Stats

Now to talk about Perrserker’s Stats. It’s a fairly simple statistics scheme, but Perrserker is insanely strong in most situations due to its many resistances, high damage and high defense.


  • Fighting – Perrserker gets a total of 160% damage.
  • Ground – Perrserker gets a total of 160% damage.
  • Fire – Perrserker gets a total of 160% damage.


  • Normal – Perrserker gets a total of 63% damage.
  • Flying – Perrserker gets a total of 63% damage.
  • Rock – Perrserker gets a total of 63% damage.
  • Bug – Perrserker gets a total of 63% damage.
  • Steel – Perrserker gets a total of 63% damage.
  • Grass – Perrserker gets a total of 63% damage.
  • Psychic – Perrserker gets a total of 63% damage.
  • Ice – Perrserker gets a total of 63% damage.
  • Dragon – Perrserker gets a total of 63% damage.
  • Fairy – Perrserker gets a total of 63% damage.


  • Poison – Perrserker gets a total of 39% damage.


  • ATTACK – 195
  • DEFENSE – 162
  • STAMINA – 172


  • LVL 15 – 1,022
  • LVL 20 – 1,363
  • LVL 25 – 1,704
  • LVL 40 – 2,386
  • LVL 50 – 2,697


Perrserker is usable within the Great League from levels 23 up to 26. Perrserker’s most potent PvP IVs within the Great League are at 1/15/15 at the level 23.5.

At level 23.5, Perrserker’s Stat Score reaches up to 1761.8k, with 1 Attack, 15 Defense and 15 Stamina. These are the highest stats that you can find for the Great League with Perrserker.

The Actual Stats for Perrserker at level 23.5 are 126.93 Attack, 114.62 Defense and 121.10 Stamina, with the overall CP rounding up to 1495.

Closing Words

So, to summarize everything; Perrserker is an incredibly underrated during the current climate of Pokemon games. Especially within Pokemon Go, it’s a highly effective Pokemon that can either win super easily against most opponents, or atleast put a very good fight.

It’s a Pokemon that is severely overlooked, but has some of the best stats, some of the most powerful PVP IV stats, amazing resistance levels and immunity to poison.

Its high damage and high defense are excellent for any player to use in their lineup, so if you were looking for reasons to try out Perrserker, there you go.