Tomb Raider Games in Order (Chronological & For Playing)

Tomb Raider is one of the most iconic series in the gaming world, and one of the top action adventure games.

It’s one of the longest running series in the gaming world and it has been rebooted a few times while also bringing in a very empowering and exciting experience.

In chronological order

  • Tomb Raider 1-6
  • Tomb Raider Anniversary Trilogy
  • The New Tomb Raider Trilogy

Tomb Raider 1-6

Credit: Core Design/Eidos Interactive

The first Tomb Raider game was launched in 1996 and it soon became a staple of the entire series. What people really liked was the fact that it brought in a female version of Indiana Jones basically, with tomb raiding, great exploration and fun gameplay.

Tomb Raider 2 was launched the next year and it focused on bringing in more elements and a fresh story. The game was followed by Tomb Raider in 1998 which also had a great reception, and the gameplay was exciting, innovative, but at the same time very fun and empowering.

The fourth game in the series was launched in 1999, it was named Tomb Raider The Last Revelation and some consider it to be the staple of the series, because it has such an iconic set of elements and creative gameplay ideas.

Tomb Raider Chronicles launched in 2000 and while it shifted the core of the gameplay a bit, it was still very fun. However, a 6th game in the series named The Angel of Darkness was too dark and the story was a bit more challenging to understand, so this had mixed reaction.

The Anniversary Trilogy

Credit: Buzz Monkey Software

Since the last game had a mixed reaction, the next title in the series ended up being launched in 2006, and it was named Legend.

This one brought in higher level graphics and new stories with a lot of fresh gameplay ideas. In 2007 a sequel named Anniversary was launched, which tried to bring in the first game to new heights, while adding in some extra ideas.

Then after that, we had the Underworld game in 2008, which also brought in a large variety of new gameplay mechanics.

The New Tomb Raider Trilogy

Credit: Crystal Dynamics

After that, Crystal Dynamics started talking about a new trilogy with a more Uncharted-like gameplay, and that’s where Tomb Raider came into play in 2013.

It was something new and extremely interesting, and this brought in a sequel named Rise of the Tomb Raider.

The gameplay here was incredibly good and fun, and they did manage to bring us a large variety of unique locations, while also continuing the story from the previous game.

This series ends with Shadow of the Tomb Raider, which brings us to the Incan and Aztec pyramids, among other mysteries.


As you can see, the Tomb Raider series continues to stand out as a very interesting, fun and exciting series with lots of cool ideas. The game has always been really fun and the series has evolved to the point where you always have something new and fresh to check out.

Thankfully, every game in this series is quite fun, and the heroine Lara Croft has quickly become a pop culture icon

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