Where To Find The 2 Ring in World of Warcraft TBC

Where to find the 2 Ring in World of Warcraft Classic TBC

You may remember The 1 Ring from the original WoW vanilla, which jokingly had +1 of each stat in the game. With such a little stat increase, the ring was practically useless except for maybe level 19 twinks

The 2 Ring is the newer and upgraded ring, which has +22 of each stat. This ring is Best in Slot for feral druids all throughout every phase in The Burning Crusade.

The 2 Ring stats
“The 2 Ring” stats

Where to find The 2 Ring

The 2 Ring is an epic ring that can be looted in Bag of Fishing Treasures. This bag is obtainable from the following dailies, which are accepted at NPC Old Man Barlo <Master of Fishing> in Terokkar Forest. .

  • The One That Got Away
  • Felblood Fillet
  • Bait Bandits
  • Shrimpin’ Aint Easy

Old Man Barlo is located at the shore of Slimyr Lake just outside Shattrath City.